Trenbolon 200



Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate
Manufacturer: BodyPharm
Pack: 10ml vial (200mg/ml)

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What is Trenbolon 200? | What is Trenbolone Enanthate?

Trenbolon 200 is the brand name of Trenbolone Enanthate as the main ingredient in this product which is manufactured by BodyPharm and offered for an extremely attractive price. The product is considered a modern steroid compared to others and thanks to Trenbolone being the active substance – is also considered an extremely powerful steroid.

Unlike many other steroids, the drug is mainly used within the sports field and is quite obvious that bodybuilders are very attracted by this product. Bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes of various sports are using this product with amazing results as they can increase their quality weight (muscle mass), burn their extra fat, increase strength indicators and a number of other physique and performance improvement properties.

The product is considered extremely powerful – 5 times more powerful compared to testosterone. That’s because of the androgenic to anabolic ratio which is 500:500 for Trenbolone and only 100:100 for testosterone. In addition to that, Trenbolone is not having an estrogenic nature unlike testosterone and this is one of the reasons why Trenbolone compounds are considered the best for cutting training phases and still one of the most used compounds for bulking phases.

Trenbolone Enanthate found in Trenbolon 200 is offering Trenbolone with Enanthate ester which responding only for the time release of the main compound (Trenbolone) in the bloodstream. Enanthate ester is offering a half life of 4.5 days. But there’s also a much longer esterified version called Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (often shortly called Hexa) and a much shorter esterified version of Trenbolone called Aceate with a half life of 7-10 days and 1-2 days respectively.

Trenbolon 200 by BodyPharm is going to offer a very high quality Trenbolone Enanthate which is a steroid that can greatly help to change your physique and improve your performance.

What is Trenbolone Used For?

Trenbolone is used for various needs but not Trenbolone Enanthate. Trenbolone Enanthate’s solo purpose is physique and performance enhancement as is being sold as a very powerful steroid for bodybuilders and athletes who wish to get the benefits out of it.

Being a very powerful and potent anabolic and androgenic steroid, you can expect very big chances within a matter of weeks of using it. In fact, its extremely powerful nature is the main reason why there are so many people searching for this compound.

Here is only a few of benefits that you can expect out of using Trenbolon 200 which is offering Trenbolone Enanthate: very fast and quality muscle mass gains, greatly preserve the current muscle mass during the caloric insufficiency (or even adds muscles) during cutting phases, increased level of insulin in the blood as well as the level of HGH, lowers the cortisol levels and increases libido, greatly increases the strength indicators and greatly helps with burning of the fat.

The product is working in a very similar way as most of other Nandrolone compounds (since is a nandrolone derivative) and yet is still working a little bit differently since it has some structural changes. Having no estrogenic activity and such a powerful anabolic and androgenic activity, the product is amazing in both bulking and cutting phases.

How to Use Trenbolone? | Trenbolon 200 Administration | Trenbolone Enanthate Dosage

Trenbolone Enanthate is an oil based steroid that comes in injection form and it should be used as such. It shouldn’t ever be used otherwise than intramuscular injection. Taking in consideration that the half life of Trenbolone Enanthate is approximately 4-5 days, the product must be used at least twice a week but no more than 3 times per week to maintain stable blood levels. Most people use it every Monday and every Thursday.

Due to extremely potent properties of this steroid and very high androgenic activity, women are not recommended to use this drug, especially taking in consideration the long half life. For males, we would recommend to start with a dosage of about 300-400 mg per week which means that you need to use 150 mg / 200 mg per injection twice a week. Some people go up to 700 mg per week but that’s absolutely the maximum dosage we would ever recommend. Do not ever exceed 700 mg per week of Trenbolone compounds.

We would recommend our customers to start slowly and then to go up on the dosage if you feel you need it. Start with a low dosage and short period of time. Trenbolone Enanthate cycle usually last 11 weeks.

A good cycle would be: Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg per week and Trenbolone Enanthate 400 mg per week alongside with Aromasin 12.5 mg a day to deal with estrogenic side effects and progestin side effects. Cardarine and some liver supplement is recommended too. The cycle should last 11 weeks. Introduce PCT at the end of the cycle.

Trenbolone Side Effects | Trenbolon 200 Side Effects

Unfortunately, Trenbolone is considered by far not the safest anabolic steroid. You can expect many side effects out of using this steroid, especially if using for way too much time or too much doses. Fortunately, the side effects can be controlled with good PCT plans, good supplements, healthy diet and lifestyle as well as other medicines which might combat the side effects.

Women are very exposed to virilization which is the worst side effects for women. But there are also androgenic side effects (for men), hypogonadism (natural testosterone production is suppressed), cardiovascular issues can be expected, progestogenic side effects as well as a side effect specific for Trenbolone called “Tren Cough”. A few minutes after you inject Trenbolone, you can have shortness of breath for a little while.

Trenbolone Enanthate is long lasting and this means that if you get side effects they would last for a long time even if you stop taking Trenbolone. That’s why is recommended to start slowly and never overdose.

Where to Get Trenbolone? | Where to Buy Trenbolon 200

Trenbolone Enanthate can be obtained from this page directly by purchasing Trenbolon 200 from BodyPharm. This high quality pharmaceutical company is offering a very good Trenbolone product for a very attractive price.

Since is their official distributors the price won’t be changed and in fact, we can offer discounts. Therefore you get the lowest possible price for the highest possible quality of a product that is considered among the most powerful steroids out there which can extremely much change your physique and improve your performance.


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