Substance: Trenbolone Acetate
Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharma
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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What is Trenbolone Acetate? | What is Tren A?

Tren A is the trade name of Trenbolone Acetate hormone and is a steroid manufactured by Spectrum Pharma – a very well known pharma company focused in producing PEDs (Performance Enhancing Products). Tren A is a very powerful and extremely effective anabolic steroid. This is a product with a very high concentration of the active substance Trenbolone Acetate and in order to understand the product – you need to understand the active substance.

Trenbolone Acetate is considered one of the most powerful steroids that is currently available on the market. Trenbolone Acetate is considered the most popular and most used variant of Trenbolone in the world of bodybuilding and you’re going to find people suggesting that is also the strongest. This product is an anabolic androgenic steroid that is used in veterinary medicine, however bodybuilders use it with amazing success for achieving huge power gains and it can also greatly help users in their “drying” phases of trainings.

The product is coming in form of injection and should be used intramuscularly. One pack contains 10 ml vial with 100 mg of Trenbolone Acetate per ml meaning you would receive a total of 1000 mg of Trenbolone Acetate per pack and all of that for an extremely low price offered by Spectrum Pharma. being their official distributor – we offer huge discounts and the prices are a real bargain!

Trenbolone Acetate is extremely powerful in terms of anabolic and androgenic activity. Like for example, Testosterone is considered to have an anabolic : androgenic rating of 100:100. Trenbolone is 5 times more potent and powerful than testosterone, or at least has 5 times the anabolic / androgenic strength of Testosterone because the rating of Trenbolone is 500:500.

What Does Trenbolone Acetate Do? | How Trenbolone Acetate Works?

Without any doubts, Trenbolone Acetate is going to offer huge results. Such a powerful steroid should be taken very seriously and should be respected. There are just no chances “not to feel it” or “not to get any visible results” from using it, unless you’re getting a fake.

The product is working by stimulating the production of somatropin and insulin and this makes you grow muscles and also lose extra body fat. Nowadays the product is used in veterinary medicine in order to help mainly cattle to grow as big as possible. I guess you’ve understood how it can help people who are using it.

Trenbolone Acetate is a Nandrolone derivative but is an extremely potent derivative. Tren (as is often called shortly), is extremely powerful and can offer huge results at even low dosages. The product is mainly used by people to have huge results in terms of muscle gains and strength gains and the users using Trenbolone Acetate correctly can have those gains in an extremely short period of time. By using Tren A, you are going to have an extremely lean and dry look, full of muscles – lean muscles.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people greatly prefer Tren A (Trenbolone Acetate) – very often is used as a pre contest product for bodybuilders or for fitness models who need to look big, dry and lean.

Trenbolone Acetate Dosage | Trenbolone Acetate Cycle

Tren A shouldn’t be played around because as mentioned, is an extremely powerful and potent steroid. The dosages of Trenbolone greatly vary depending on personal tolerance to the drug, personal experiences with steroids as well as what is your desired effect. Anyway, dosages of Trenbolone Acetate are injected every day or every other day in doses that are ranging anywhere between 50 mg to as high as 200 mg per injection.

Trenbolone Acetateshouldn’t be used rarer than once every other day because it doesn’t have a very long half life (trenbolone acetate half life is maximum 48 hours).

One very popular cycle with Trenbolone acetate include 50 mg every day (can be changed with every other day if needed), 50 mg every day of testosterone propionate, Anavar 40 mg every day, 12.5 mg every day of Aromasin and 7 caps a day of N2Guard for a total cycle of 10 weeks but Anavar should be limited to only for the first 6 weeks.

Trenbolone Acetate can be stacked with many different steroids if needed. Do not forget to include a TRT in each trenbolone cycle and do not forget about a good Post Cycle Therapy plan. Having a good and healthy lifestyle is also going to help, alongside with supplements.

Trenbolone Acetate Side Effects | Tren A Side Effects

Trenbolone Acetate is so powerful that many people got the idea that in case you do not get the side effects – the product isn’t working properly. That’s a huge mistake because although the side effects of Trenbolone Acetate are definitely possible, they are “possible” and not “mandatory”.

Side effects are dose and personal tolerance dependent and Trenbolone Acetate has many of the standard potential side effects of all anabolic steroids such as cardiovascular side effects, virilizing side effects for women, negative cholesterol effects, suppression of natural testosterone production and others.

But some side effects that are considered unique to Trenbolone acetate is a moderate to severe coughing shortly after the user injects the product. Usually, the coughing lasts only some minutes so you often might hear about “Tren cough”.

Other side effects to mention of Trenbolone includes sever sweating and especially during sleep. People also report having insomnia, waking from sleep, unable to fall asleep and generally sleep disturbances.

Don’t forget that trenbolone is having big androgenic activity meaning that increased aggression, oily skin, acne and other androgen related side effects are definitely possible to occur.

Where to Buy Trenbolone Acetate? | Trenbolone Acetate For Sale

People can purchase Trenbolone AcetateTren A by Spectrum Pharma directly from this page on our website and you are going to get very high quality product for a very low price.

Trenbolone Aceteta is one of the most powerful and potent steroids in the world and this is why is one of the most popular, most used and favorite products among bodybuilders. You can get amazing results out of cycling with Tren A!

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  1. Dmitry (verified owner)

    With the amped-up dosage, you can feel that Tren is doing its job. However, fatigue, hunger, and excessive body-heat/sweat are not particularly nice side effects to deal with, yet are expected on this cycle.

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  2. Dan a (verified owner)

    Came fast

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