SP Bacteriostatic Water



Substance: Bacteriostatic Water
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
1 vial of 10ml

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What is Bacteriostatic Water? | Bacteriostatic Water For Injection

Bacteriostatic Water, as the name implies, is water, but not simple water – it is a comprised of sterile and filtered water with all bacteria removed which is therefore getting mixed up with 0.9% of benzyl alcohol and this is done in order to prevent any of the contamination bacteria from growing in that water.

This Bacteriostatic Water has been made in order to inhibit the growth of most of the types of bacteria in that water and is being used in order to dissolve or dilute medications preparing them for injection. The water is made for injection and USP is a sterile non pyrogenic preparation of the water. The pH of the water is 5.7 (from 4.5 to maximum 7.0)

Bacteriostatic Water made by SP Laboratories is of the highest quality possible. Ultra sterile and 100% clean the Bacteriostatic Water from SP Laboratories is absolutely safe and ready to use.

Where to Buy Bacteriostatic Water? | Buy Bacteriostatic Water

Bacteriostatic Water from SP Laboratories is a high quality water that is mixed up with 0.9% of benzyl alcohol in order to prevent any contamination of bacteria in that water. If you’re in search for steroids / peptides requesting a combination with Bacteriostatic WaterSP Laboratories is offering this product for a much more affordable price compared to any other sources. being the official distributor of SP Laboratories, you can be sure that any products you buy from us, you receive authentic and real products from SPLaboratories and since we work without intermediary – you can save a lot of money as we offer big discounts for lots of products!


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