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Substance: Methyltrienolone
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharma
Pack: 100 tabs (250mcg/tab)

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What is OralTren-lab? | What is Metribolone (Methyltrienolone)?

OralTren-lab is the trade name of the active ingredient Methyltrienolone or also called Metribolone and is a product manufactured by 7Lab Pharma – a pharmaceutical company focused in creating Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) of high quality under GMP standards. Methyltrienolone or Metribolone is an extremely powerful and potent oral anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) that has been created many years ago in 1960s.

Pretty much as lots of other steroids out there, the product got manufactured as a treatment for advanced breast cancer, nonetheless, in some studies (experiments) done with Metribolone, they said the product is having too harsh side effects and especially on the liver. While that might be true, Metribolone still can be super helpful for bodybuilders in case is used correctly. It just needs special requirements and care.

Bodybuilders and athletes have experimented with this product and they found out that it can be helpful indeed, however, because of the side effects and rarity to find this steroid, it didn’t really got too popular.

Methyltrienolone (Metribolone) is a synthetic and orally active anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) and a 17 alpha alkylated nandrolone derivate. The product should be taken by mouth only and this stuff is an agonist of the AR with big anabolic and androgenic activity. The product is considered to be anywhere between 120-300 times more anabolic and 60-70 times more androgenic compared to methyltestosterone.

OralTren-lab is a product manufactured by 7Lab Pharma and by purchasing this product from our website, you are going to receive a very high quality Metribolone product. Make sure to use it correctly and you’re going to receive an amazing PED. One pack contains 100 tablets with 250 mcg each tablet of Methyltrienolone.

What is Methyltrienolone Used For? | OralTren-lab Effectiveness

Metribolone (Methyltrienolone) got a bit of popularity when 15 members of Greek team tested positive for this product at the Beijing Olympic Games. But other than that, the product isn’t very well known.

Methyltrienolone was created for advanced breast cancer but it never got approved for this purpose. Nowadays, the product is only used by bodybuilders, weight lifters and competitive athletes, although it is not used as much compared to other steroids. The product is used for the same reasons: physique and enhancement purposes. More specifically: increase in muscle mass, increases in strength, body fat loss, increased metabolism, faster recovery and other benefits.

This product, however, is not aromatizing and therefore is not converting to estrogen. High estrogen levels with this product are very unlikely. The problem is the hepatotoxicity which is very high!

On paper, as earlier mentioned, metribolone suggests to be hundreds of times more powerful compared to testosterone. But often, such things can be misleading. Even if true, Metribolone is also much more dangerous in terms of side effects.

That’s why, OralTren-lab is an extremely potent product which can really help the users in increasing their strength, muscle mass etc. Nonetheless, we warn you to be careful when using such a potent product.

Methyltrienolone Dosage | How To Take Methyltrienolone

Metribolone is a product with huge powers but with huge side effects too. This is the reason why we would only recommend Metribolone exclusively to those people who are absolutely sure in what they are doing, they previously had lots of experience with other steroids and they are absolutely sure their liver is in great condition.

Bodybuilders or athletes resorting to such a powerful compound need to use extremely big care, as this is not your ordinary steroid. The half life of the product isn’t very much and that’s why you should use it on a daily basis to keep stable blood levels. We would recommend to start very slowly at a dosage of 0.5 mg a day. Such a low dose would still show liver enzymes changes during a test.

Under absolutely no circumstances ever exceed the dosage of 5 mg a day. Even this dosage is still way too high for most people. Once again, this is a very powerful product which is going to be beneficial at very low doses but it can be dangerous at very low doses as well. Most people won’t ever need more than 2.5 mg a day.

VERY IMPORTANT! Cycle duration with Metribolone (Methyltrienbolone) – OralTren-lab shouldn’t ever exceed 4 weeks! in fact, you might use it even less such as 2 or 3 weeks, but never go over 4 weeks mark!

Methyltrienolone Side Effects | Side Effects of OralTren-lab

Side effects of Methyltrienolone are some of the most dangerous compared to any other oral steroids or all steroids. Keep in mind that Metribolone might be dangerous at the amount you would need to make it effective so this is going to be counter productive for your health. If you cannot resist the side effects of OralTren-lab, better never use it once again.

Reduce the dosage as soon as the first side effects are noticed. Stop using it completely if needed. Do not ever exceed the 4 weeks mark as cycle length, otherwise your liver is at great danger. Never use more than 5 mg a day. It is extremely recommended to introduce some liver supplements like Liver Stabil, N2Guard or whatever others that can help during and after the cycle with OralTren-lab and use a double dose of them. Exactly as important is to avoid absolutely any alcoholic drinks, any OTC medications and generally anything else which can affect your liver.

As mentioned – liver hepatotoxicity is the biggest issue and side effect of Methyltrienolone. Don’t ever think about this steroid if you’re already having some liver issues. Blood work should be done before starting with this steroid, during and after the use.

Other side effects include those of androgenic activity. As said, the product is having a very high androgenic activity meaning that virilization symptoms in women are very possible and they are very pronounced. Male pattern baldness, aggression, oily skin, acne and other side effects are possible.

Methyltrienbolone does not aromatize and this means no high estrogen. Don’t let this idea fool you that you’re safe from gynecomastia. Metribolone binds to progesterone receptors and therefore, such a side effect can still occur.

Buy Methyltrienolone / Metribolone | Where to Buy OralTren-lab?

Metribolone (Methyltrienolone) found in OralTren-lab manufactured by 7Lab Pharma is a very high quality steroid that can be helpful, but it can be very dangerous if used incorrectly.

There are much safer alternatives but if you want to use this steroid, better make sure that you are very knowledgeable in steroids and you know exactly what are you doing. Benefits are good, but it might cost your health.


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