Methandienone (Dianabol) 10mg


Substance: Methandrostenolone
Manufacturer: ZPHC
Pack: 100 tabs (10mg/tab)

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Methandienone is an anabolic steroid that is coming in form of tablets and is a very popular steroid. One tablet of Methandienone is containing 10 mg of methandrostenolone (the active substance in this product) and ZPHC is manufacturing this steroid. Methandrostenolone is a very popular and very used steroid all over the world (better known as Dianabol), both beginners (newbies starting to use steroids) as well as veterans (those experienced people with steroids) are appreciating it.

By purchasing a pack of Methandienone you should get 100 tablets x 10 mg and by purchasing this product from our website, you are guaranteed to get the best quality for the lowest possible price.

What is Methandienone? | What you Need to Know about Methandienone (Dianabol)?

Methandienone is considered to be a modern steroid agent that is having a very high anabolic activity and a moderate androgenic activity (one of the reason why is so widely appreciated by so many people) and it has the active substance – methandrostenolone.

Most often, this product is being used in the sports practice and most often (in particular), by the athletes in the bodybuilding communities. Very often, this stuff is being associated with rapid growth of muscle mass as well as with the general strength increase of the muscles and the body – this is the reason why this product is mostly being taken for these exact reasons. You would rarely see it for cutting purposes – but it does an amazing job during off season when you’re trying to bulk up.

As said, Methandienone 100 tab 10 mg is being produced by ZPHC and this is the manufacturer that has products, which recently appeared on the market (compared to other pharmaceutical companies). The thing is that although this manufacturer is new fairly, those preparations have become in a very high demand because of the fact that their products are of a very high quality and low price.

Therefore, in a matter of a few years, their products got lots of amazing/ excellent reviews and they got them from both amateur athletes/ beginners as well as experienced professionals/ veterans.

Methandienone Effects – Detailed Description | How Dianabol Works?

In order to understand Methandienone as a product, you should understand what the active substance in this drug is doing. The active substance is Methandienone and is a modification of the testosterone, which is being characterized by a reduced androgenic activity and an increased anabolic activity. These factors are manifesting in a very strong increase in the mass and physical parameters when the product is properly used.

The steroid has appeared on the market a long time ago in the 60s and it became popular nearly immediately. Although a lot of other steroids appeared since then, the demand for this steroid never diminished and it remains to be one of the most used and most effective steroids available on the market.

Methandienone is a made as a sport product and is being given all the best properties of its active substance, therefore is working amazing for anyone using it. When the product is going to be properly used, a few extremely powerful effects that would be noticed would be very useful for the athletes in their performance and / or physique enhancement purposes.

Some of these effects include: increased strength; greatly improving the process of the protein synthesis; very powerful anti catabolic effect; rapid as well as very noticeable increase in the muscle mass; as well as a strengthening of the bone structure; and also an increased appetite.

It is quite important to mention here that the action of Methandienone 10 mg is pretty fast, however the actions are not not very long lasting. The duration of the drug is going to be approximately 5 hours after you would take the last tablet.

With this being said, the best results are achieved when the product is taken on a daily basis, split in 3 different equal doses per day, before eating on an empty stomach because the drug’s bioavailability decreases when taken with food.

How to Take Methandienone? | Dianabol Cycle | Dianabol Side Effects

Methandienone tablets are being recommended mainly to men. The product can be used by women either, however is recommended that women take small doses because of the virilizing potential.

With this being said, when the recommended dosage for men is 5 to 50 mg a day, then for women is going to be anywhere between 2 to 5 mg per day only. If women would take doses higher than that, there’s a high chance you would get virilizing side effects. If men are using higher doses than recommended, it is very likely to have androgenic/ estrogenic and cholesterol issues.

So well, in order to get the desired effects by using this stuff, you need to use tablets on a daily basis (before eating, 3 times a day). That’s because of the very short duration of the active life in the body of this product.

In addition, this medication can be combined with some other steroids in order to get the desired results faster/ more effective. The effectiveness of the product would be enhanced. For example, by having a cycle of Methandienone alongside with Nandrolone Decanoate is going to offer some amazing results in the muscle mass gaining.

Other stacks can include methandienone on a daily basis for 30 mg (1 to 6 weeks), nandrolone 200 mg a week (for 1 to 8 weeks). At the 9 to 10 weeks, the output should start during the time when testosterone propionate and stanozolol needs to be used at the dosage of 100 mg a day and 40 mg a day respectively.

After that, a PCT plan should be implemented because it would offer a faster/ better recovery. During the cycle, you might need to add Proviron either.

Where to Buy Methandienone? | Where to Buy Dianabol

On this website, you are going to be able to purchase original Methandienone pills (AKA Dianabol) which is going to be extremely helpful. Here, you are going to be able to get Methandienone of a very high quality at a very attractive price making sure you get the best product for as little as possible.

Don’t hesitate purchasing Methandienone (known as Dianabol) – legitimately among the top steroids in the world of steroids!

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  1. marcus (verified owner)

    Very potent. Used 30mg everyday. Felt it kick in with in 2 weeks of use.very little water retention. Appetite sky rocketed from this brand off dbol

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  2. Andrew Asamura (verified owner)

    No side effects great product

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  3. Jason (verified owner)

    Shipping longer than expected but everything is right now

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  4. daniel (verified owner)

    Thanks guys! 1st order showed up 3 days after ordering, second order showed 5 days after ordering. Everything’s exactly as expected and I’m excited to start this cycle up!

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  5. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Got it in the allotted 5 days

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