Cut Mix 150



Substance: Drostanolone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Pack: 10ml vial (150mg/ml)

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What is Cut Mix 150?

Cut Mix 150 is the brand name of a 3 different steroid mixture manufactured by Dragon Pharma and offered for those who need to use a product for getting huge results in terms of cutting and hardening. Cut Mix 150 is containing 3 different steroids that can really help with cutting purposes: Drostanolone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone all of which are coming in a total dose of 50 mg per ml and therefore they form 150 mg per ml.

As you might have noticed, the 3 different steroids are coming with short based esters. As it is known, short based esters of steroids are mostly used in cutting cycles. For example, Testosterone Cypionate (that has a long half life) is mainly used during bulking cycles but Testosterone Propionte (shortest half life) is used during cutting cycles.

All of these 3 steroids are used for cutting purposes – Trenbolone acetate is considered an extremely powerful steroid and the number one steroid for cutting and hardening effects. Drostanolone is a steroid that has huge hardening effects and is working as an aromatase inhibitor (which can help with the aromatization received from testosterone). Since none Drostanolone or Trenboloen are recommended to be taken alone – they are all combined with Testosterone Propionate and they make an ultimate combo for cutting and hardening effects for bodybuilders for physique and performance enhancement.

Analyzing all 3 steroids, it is not hard to understand why this product got named “Cut Stack”. The product was made as an attempt to make people use a single product instead of using 3 different injections. This is offering 2 huge advantages: a single injection instead of 3 and you also save money.

Dragon Pharma decided to create such a product because people usually stack these 3 steroids together for their cutting and hardening effects and instead of buying them and using them separately – you use one product for all your needs called Cut Mix 150.

In the end, for understanding better this product we recommend to take a look at each of these 3 different steroids for understanding them better separately. This way you can know what to expect from using this compound.

Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most powerful steroids that you would ever use and is used in both cutting and bulking cycles, but is considered the best cutting steroid out there. This steroid is so powerful that it can make you add on lean muscle mass in the time that you are on a calorie deficiency all while helping to lose extra weight. No aromatization combined with 500:500 anabolic to androgenic ratio talks about itself.

It is no wonder that with such statistics, it is one of the most used steroids out there. But being so powerful and not having any estrogenic activity it can be pretty harsh. It is important to use it carefully. Nonetheless, this is a perfect steroid for cutting as it has no estrogenic and all the gains are lean.

So, you’re able to even grow muscles while cutting and hardening and offer you huge definition.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is the most widely used form of testosterone when it comes specifically to cutting purposes and that’s because is the shortest acting form of testosterone. When using this steroid in proper doses, you’re able to remove the unwanted extra fat and all of that while offering anabolic and anti catabolic effects which means that you save your muscles while dieting and even growing more.

The product is only mild estrogenic but when used in small doses the estrogenic side effects are not seen. In addition to that, the combination is coming with Drostanolone which is also working as an aromatase inhibitor even for those who are most sensible.

Testosterone Propionate being the shortest based Testosterone is among the most used testosterones out there and is very widely used and popular for physique and performance enhancing purposes. This steroid is stacking extremely good with all steroids out there and is used for various needs including bulking and cutting.

The synthetic testosterone that you can receive from testosterone propionate would offer amazing results when it comes to build muscles, preserve muscles, increase strength, offer hardening effect and definition.

Drostanolone Propionate

Drostanolone Propionate is not working as a usual steroid and that’s why this steroid is very unique. It’s very unique structural changes made it one of the best steroids that you can ever find when it comes to hardening effects.

However, the product is only super effective when 2 points are followed: your body fat is under 10% (you’re already lean) and you’re using it with other steroids like Testosterone.

The product is having one of the best anti catabolic effects allowing you to save your muscles. Plus, as mentioned, it also works as an aromatase inhibitor too. With all of that being said, Drostanolone Propionate is used mainly for having an amazing body which looks extremely good.

Cut Mix 150 Dosage

Cut Mix 150 dosage very much depends on personal tolerance, knowledge, skills and experience with each of those drugs. Taking in consideration that the most powerful steroid in this combo is Trenbolone Acetate a good point is to follow its rules.

Taking in consideration that doses higher than 500 mg a week of Trenbolone Acetate can be too much, we recommend to use 50 mg a day of Trenbolone Acetate. This is 350 mg a week. Doses higher than 700 mg a week of Trenbolone are already dangerous.

Taking in consideration that all 3 steroids come with a short half life – we recommend a daily dose administration.

By receiving 1 ml a day, you receive a total of 350 mg per week of each steroid, which is good enough. The absolutely maximum you can use is 2 ml a day but that’s too much for some people.

Cut Mix 150 Side Effects

Side effects of Cut Mix 150 is a mixture of 3 different steroids found in it. But then again, taking in consideration that the side effects that are most likely going to appear are from Trenbolone, you should pay attention to its side effects.

Androgenic side effects, natural testosterone production inhibition, cardiovascular and cholesterol side effects are all very possible.

We recommend to have a healthy lifestyle and regularly use supplements for keeping you away from side effects.

Where to Buy Cut Mix?

Cut Mix 150 from Dragon Pharma can be very easily purchased directly from this page at for a very low price. We are official distributors of this pharmacy and this means that the prices are the lowest possible you can find online and you receive exclusively only genuine products.

Cut Mix 150 is the best mixture that you can find and generally the best product for cutting and hardening purposes. If you want to lose extra fat and keep muscles while getting vascularity, definition and hardening effect – this is one of the best things out there because it consists of Trenbolone Acetate, Drostanolone Propionate and Testosterone Propionate.


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Cut Mix 150
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