Substance: Anastrozole
Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 50 tabs (1mg/tab)

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What is Arimidex? | What is Anastrozole?

Arimidex is the trade name for Anastrozole manufactured by famous pharmaceutical company – Beligas. Anastrozole might be found under other trade name with Arimidex being the most famous. This is a drug that is mainly used in addition to other treatments for breast cancer. However, in the world of bodybuilding the product is used as an anti estrogen product.

You can be sure of the quality of this product because Beligas Pharmaceuticals is a pharma company oriented in developing and manufacturing only high quality products designed to help for performance and physique enhancement needs. Their products are 100% pure and genuine and very high quality. By purchasing one pack from our website you would receive 50 tablets each tablet containing 1 mg of Anastrozole.

The product is coming in form of tablets, is having an elimination half life of approximately 46.8 hours which means that the product has a fairly long half life and is in the drug class of aromatase inhibitor (AI) which is a part of an even wider drug class called anti estrogens (or estrogen blockers).

This product has been discovered long time ago and is approved by US FDA for use since 1995. However, Arimidex from Beligas Pharmaceuticals is most often searched by bodybuilders. Nonetheless, the product would work exactly as good for women who need it for breast cancer treatment.

What is Arimidex (Anastrozole) Used For? | What Does Anastrozole Do To Your Body?

As mentioned – Arimidex containing active ingredient Anastrozole is a medication that is used in addition to some other treatments mainly for breast cancer most commonly in women, specifically who are having hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

It also can be used as a preventative for breast cancer too. When used, Anastrozole is working by reversibly binding to the aromatase enzyme and therefore is inhibiting the conversion (transferase) of the androgens to the estrogens in the peripheral tissues. While this can help women to reduce breast cancer or prevent them – this is the main reason why bodybuilders are taking it too.

When a man is using anabolic steroids – the compounds are usually aromatizing into estrogens (most steroids such as dianabol, deca, testosterone, equipoise and others) and this leads to too high estrogen levels. Too high estrogen levels are known to offer unpleasant side effects such as: gynecomastia (also known as man breasts or bitch tits), water retention and can offer the “boated” look. It also has a number of negative effects on physique by making you look fat, by making you have a loss in energy and big loss in libido, it can offer blood pressure, heart strain and others.

By using Arimidex (Anastrozole) the user is able to inhibit the conversion of androgens to estrogens and therefore the too high estrogen related side effects mentioned earlier cannot occur. In the same time, make sure you know how much of Arimidex you should take because if you’re doing it too much then too much estrogens would drop down and this leads to other side effects such as loss of energy, erectile dysfunction, low libido, depression and a number of other side effects.

Arimidex Dosage | Arimidex Bodybuilding Administration

With everything being mentioned above – Arimidex is a powerful compound which should be taken exactly as needed – too much of it and you’re getting side effects, too little of it and you get too harsh estrogenic side effects.

So, Anastrozole dosage is greatly varying from a person to another. It depends on a few different factors such as personal tolerance to the drug, what is your AAS cycle and others. For this reason, it is extremely recommended to have a blood work as it can greatly help you to find the perfect balance.

Generally, is recommended to start slowly and if the estrogenic side effects are bothersome increase the dosage until you find the perfect point. But the dosages are dependent, exactly as the steroid doses are dependent. If you’re having a harsh steroid cycle then you might need more Anastrozole, if you’re having a mild steroid cycle, you might need much less or won’t need at all. But most often, general doses for bodybuilders are approximately 0.5 mg a day or every other day.

Anastrozole Side effects | Arimidex Side Effects

Anastrozole is generally an extremely side effects friendly product. Arimidex has been found to virtually offer no side effects to women who were using it for breast cancer except for some bone weakness which could be associated with arimidex use. However, this happened after many years of daily uses of Arimidex. This is obviously not a concern for a male bodybuilder who only needs it during the cycle.

Nonetheless, side effects are still possible, of course. By taking too little of it you would get side effects out of having too much estrogen levels in your body, however if you would take too much of it then the side effects are associated with too low estrogen levels. Some of the most common side effects include: hot flashes, altered mood, nausea, erectile dysfunction, low libido as well as joint pain.

Nonetheless, it also might offer some severe side effects which are extremely rarely occurring but there are still chances for them to appear: heart disease and osteoporosis. But usually such side effects are associated with high doses and prolonged use.

Where To Buy Arimidex (Anastrozole) For Sale?

Arimidex from Beligas Pharmaceuticals is an extremely high quality Anastrozole product that can greatly help the bodybuilder who needs to lower the estrogen levels and diminish the side effects risks.

If you’re a person who might have too high estrogen levels by using some AAS, then Arimidex is going to be a perfect product for your needs. The product is considered very safe when it comes to side effects and in the same time is one of the most famous and most effective anti estrogen that you might find.

You can always purchase Arimidex (Anastrozole) directly from our website and you would receive the product for some very low prices as we always offer big discounts and attractive offers. You can be sure that the product is high quality as Beligas Pharmaceuticals is following GMP standards and we are their official distributor meaning you would receive only genuine Arimidex.

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Beligas Pharmaceuticals


50 tabs (1mg/tab)

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  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Easy to deal with, fast T/A. I have not used the product yet

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  2. Cannon (verified owner)

    One word. Awesome!!!

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Kept e2 in check

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  4. Robert King (verified owner)

    I was converting to much testosterone to estrogen and lost my libido. This took care of that and my wife is running from me now. Works great! Make sure you get it before you you start your cycle or you will be sorry.

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome products and customer service!

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  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arrived on time

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  7. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Glad I got the arimidex for my cycle, I am using it current with my cycle and will continue a few weeks after the cycle. Im on test 600 ml weekly and deca.

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  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was good came in quick I ran out of the one I had needed some asap and came in time

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