Review of RAD140 – Testolone SARM

What is RAD140 – Testolone

RAD140 which is known as Testolone is in the SARMs family of medicines and from early studies, this product have showed even better results than steroids, and that’s in the time it is considered to have minimal side effects (or at least, much less side effects than steroids). This is exactly what is making RAD140 one of the most powerful SARMs nowadays and  is such an exciting product, especially for those who are looking for performance enhancing products.

About RAD140 – Testolone

RAD140, which is also known as Testolone, is a non steroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which, through its abilities, is able to help the users to increase their lean muscle mass and to reinforce the effects of testosterone without the unwanted side effects of the anabolic steroids.

Since this is a product that is considered very side effects friendly and in the same time can help people get lean muscle mass, its popularity quickly has grown up. Let’s take a closer look to this product.

RAD140 Effects

One of the main reason why it got so popular and primary benefit of the product is its ability to increase the lean tissue without increasing fat. While the first studies where done, an average of weight gains that was more than 10% has been achieved in as early as the first 28 days of using it, and that’s in the time that no side effects were noticed, compared to the usually related side effects of testosterone use.

The best out of it, is the fact that those 10% of average weight gains in the first month of using it consisted of lean muscle mass, instead of fat.

In addition to that, there are reports of users indicating that boosted stamina, enhanced speed as well as more endurance during the workouts are common effects when you are supplementing with RAD140 – Testolone.

Plus to that, pretty much like some other SARMs, RAD140 is giving very similar results to testosterone, however without the unwanted side effects which is a common phenomenon to testosterone users. RAD140 is interacting with the hormonal receptors of the muscles and bone tissues in the same ways as larger doses of testosterone, nonetheless, it does not have the estrogenic side effects that are being caused by the anabolic steroids.

RAD140 is indirectly reducing body fat by increasing the muscle and bone cells that are more metabolically expensive to maintain than the fat cells, therefore this is resulting in an easier weight loss, while you add weight thanks to muscle mass that you add.

RAD140 Administration | Testolone Dosage

It has been established that the common dosage of RAD140 for men is anywhere between 20 mg to 30 mg per day every 24 to 36 hours for up to 12 weeks (3 months).

The dosage is different for women because women are recommended to take much lower than that. Women should start with a dose of only 5 mg per day with an upper limit of no more than 10 mg per day.

Even though is a side effect friendly product, an overdose might lead to unwanted side effects so better stay in the optimal dose zone which is considered side effects free and productive.

RAD140 Side Effects | Testolone Side Effects

As it was earlier said, RAD140 is considered side effects friendly. In fact, there are studies done which prove that RAD140 does not have any side effects common to steroidal compounds.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t make it absolutely side effects free. There are only 2 side effects reported by users of RAD140 and they include headaches and insomnia. A reduced dosage or complete discontinue of using the drug stop the side effects.

Where to Buy RAD140?

We have big doubts that there’s anyone who would purchase RAD140 and would regret doing so. Buy RAD140 known as Testolone and you would have amazing results with minimal side effects (if any at all). It is a product in the oral SARMs class with an extremely strong anabolic effect and in addition to that, also preventative mechanisms of action.

Except for the fact that it can help athletes, is having numerous of health benefits. It can increase the anabolic effect but in the same time is offering testosterone and plus to that, it is reducing the androgenic side effects of the testosterone, like for example reduction of testicles, prostate enlargement, oily skin, acne and many others.

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