Substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Manufacturer: ZPHC
Pack: 100 tabs (10mg/tab)

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What is Turinabol? | What is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone?

Turinabol is the trade name of the active substance Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone and it also might be known as Tbol, Oral Tbol or by its more correct name of active substance 4- Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. This is an oral androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) and a product manufactured by famous pharmaceutical company ZPHC which is known to focus in creating and developing performance enhancing drugs. This stuff is the 4 chloro (hence the name) substituted derivate of the metandienone (Dianabol – Dbol) and is not aromatizing into the estrogen.

With this being said, Turinabol is a derivative of Dianabol that doesn’t produce so huge gains in a very short period of time as Dianabol, but it offers slow and quality gains (without subcutaneous fluid) and less side effects.

The product got really popular and widely used all over the world for performance and physique enhancement due to its great properties. The product is especially popular in the athletic sports for athletics, among martial artists as well as bodybuilders. That’s because this steroid can greatly help to get a good amount of muscle mass in the time that you lose fat. With this being said, it allows the users to remain dry and aesthetic without extra fat.

By using our website as your Turinabol supplier, you can be sure you are going to receive a very high quality Turinabol and you would receive it for an extremely low price. You are going to receive a pack containing 100 tablets with 10 mg each tablet from ZPHC, genuine and real Turinabol.

Turinabol Half Life | How Long Does Turinabol Stay in Your System?

Turinabol is having a half life of approximately 16 hours and this means that the product is going to stay in your system for a total of approximately 32 hours. For an oral steroid – that’s quite a long time and that’s one huge advantage of Turinabol – you are going to be good with once a day administration.

Most users are using it before their workout or as soon as they wake up with meal. But remember, although it remains in your system for 32 hours, the detection time is much, much higher for Turinabol! There are reports suggesting that it can be detected for approximately 12 months (one full year!).

What is Turinabol Used For? | Turinabol Effectiveness

Turinabol is used with great effectiveness as a physique and performance enhancer. Those people who are using Turinabol report getting great muscular mass of a high quality (albeit the muscle gains are coming much slower compared to Dianabol), they receive huge increases in their power and strength, they increase their speed, their endurance and stamina. These are all the reasons why martial artists are searching for this compound.

However, because the product is not offering as huge gains, Turinabol isn’t very often used as a bulking steroid during the bulking training phases because there are other steroids considered better and more helpful. Instead, Turinabol is often stacked with other compounds during bulking cycles. Plus, it is a great product used in cutting cycles!

Turinabol effectiveness and benefits are great (otherwise it wouldn’t be as famous) and so it offers:

Turinabol offers great results without weight gain which is a huge advantage for those sportsmen that need to compete in a certain weight loss, it offers tighter and quality muscles, it is considered a pretty side effects friendly steroid, increases free testosterone, increases strength and lean muscle mass, increases speed and agility and also strongly binds to SHBG.

The product never got any medical uses, unlike many other steroids out there. It was created and designed many years ago exclusively for performance and physique enhancing purposes.

Turinabol Cycle | Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) Administration

The administration of Turinabol greatly depends on what you need and personal tolerance. Also, dosages are much higher for men compared to women. It is recommended to use it as a steroid stack and for men, normally, doses fall in the range of 20 to 50 mg a day. For women – much lower, anywhere between 2.5 to 7.5 mg a day. It would be recommended to cut a tablet in half and stick to this dose.

Some effective Turinabol cycles can include: 6 weeks cycle length including Turinabol 25 mg every day, Dianabol 25 mg every day, Cardarine 20 mg every day and 5 caps a day of N2Guard. If you do not get estrogenic side effects then you’re good. If you do have some then you might add some anti estrogenic compounds.

Remember that Turinabol is having an extremely low androgenic rating. It is considered that Anabolic:Androgenic Rating of Turinabol is approximately 54:6 (or an even less androgenic rate). With this being said, it can stack very well with SARMs (anabolic activity from Turinabol and androgenic from selective androgen receptor modulators): Turinabol 50 mg every day, ostarine 25 mg every day, anabolicum 10 mg a day and 5 caps a day of N2Guard for a total of 8 weeks.

But there are other cycles as well including testosterone compounds and others.

Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone – Turinabol Side Effects

Keep in mind that in order to be an effective oral steroid, Turinabol is 17 alpha alkylated (C17 aa) but this alkylation affects the liver. This is the reason why the product is considered hepatotoxic and high doses or prolonged exposure to Turinabol can offer liver issues. Better avoid anything else (especially OTC drugs and other C17 aa steroids) that can affect liver. Use some supplementations like N2Guard for liver health. Also use it for limited periods (maximum 8 weeks).

Otherwise, the steroid is considered pretty mild in terms of side effects. Turinabol has no estrogenic side effects and extremely few (or not at all) androgenic side effects. It might suppress natural testosterone production and some negative effect on cardiovascular health.

The product is considered milder in terms of side effects compared to other steroids, but it still should be taken very seriously.

Where to Buy Turinabol? Oral Turinabol

Turinabol is one of the very few steroids out there that were created and designed specifically for performance and physique enhancement purposes. The product can offer great effects and benefits and all of that with considerably less side effects compared to other steroids.

Turinabol from ZPHC is a very high quality product and if you purchase it from our website IronDaddy.to we guarantee that you are going to get genuine and real Turinabol for a bargain price!


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