Substance: Tri Trenbolone
Manufacturer: Zzerox Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10 x 1ml amp (200mg/ml)

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What is Trenorox Mix? | What is Trenbolone? | Tren Mix

Trenorox Mix is an extremely powerful steroid that is manufactured by Zzerox Pharmaceuticals which might be better known by others as Trenbolone Mix or simply Tren Mix. Trenbolone that is very often called shortly Tren is one of the strongest steroids that are available commercially which is having the ability to change your physique extremely fast and with amazing results.

Trenorox Mix or Trenbolone Mix (as Trenbolone is the main compound) is containing 3 different Trenbolone esterified versions such as Trenbolone Acetate; Trenbolone Enanthate as well as Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. In the end, you’re receiving Trenbolone at different speed rates and they are flushed out at different speed rates, but you still receive Trenbolone only.

Why would you need a mixture of Trenbolone instead of using only one Trenbolone compound separately if you still receive same compound? That’s because with the mixture, a single injection would provide both stable blood levels as well as you can keep your hormone peak levels high.

Therefore, the effectiveness is considered to be higher with Trenbolone Mix – Trenorox Mix than with each Trenbolone compound separately. Nonetheless, as mentioned, in the end you receive Trenbolone and this is a very powerful steroid, in fact, one of the most powerful that you would ever find and that’s why this product shouldn’t be treated lightly as this is not an ordinary steroid. Every dosage increase should be done with very big care.

This compound was firstly described back in 1960s and this is an anabolic and androgenic steroid derived from nandrolone. Trenbolone is currently not used in any forms for any medical uses, however it used to have some uses in the past. Nowadays, this compound is only used in veterinary medicine in livestock for increasing the cattle muscles and appetite as huge as possible; and they do it with big success.

The mixture in Trenorox Mix contains Trenbolone Acetate – the shortest form and the most famous out of all other Trenbolones with half life of 3 days; Trenbolone Enanthate with half life of about 7 days and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (or simply Hexa) known as Parabolan with half life of about 14 days.

What is Trenbolone Used For? | Trenorox Mix Uses

Trenorox Mix is being used exclusively only for physique and performance enhancement purposes as each Trenbolone compound in this product separately is also used for this purpose. Trenbolone Hexa is the only form of Trenbolone which was used in the past for both clinical and veterinary uses. Trenbolone Enanthate never had any uses while Trenbolone Acetate is nowadays only used as a veterinary medicine.

No Trenbolone compound nowadays is being used for humans and that’s because this compound is considered to be too harsh on side effects. Nonetheless, this haven’t stopped a lot of people – bodybuilders etc. to experiment with it.

So, Trenorox Mix is used only for physique and performance enhancement purposes and this is a compound which is used with extremely huge success for both cutting and hardening effects as well as for bulking cycles. How is that possible? Trenbolone is an anabolic and androgenic steroid with huge effectiveness of anabolic and androgenic activity rating of 500 while it cannot aromatize and therefore no estrogenic activity. Taking this in consideration, the product is able to help you to lose body fat by reducing the cortisol (hormone which is responsible for adding fat deposits), offering no water retention due to no aromatization all in the time with huge anabolic effects.

Due to the fact that Trenbolone is 5 times as potent as testosterone is, to experiment with this compound might end badly if you don’t know what you are doing. But in the end, you can get huge results and effectiveness. Especially in strength levels. That’s why is one of the favorite compound for powerlifters.

They increase muscle mass up to 10 kg; increase strength levels; reduces body fat; increases IGF 1 levels and HGH levels; reduces the cortisol levels; increases lean body mass and many other benefits.

How to Use Trenbolone? | Trenorox Mix Dosage | Tren Mix Administration

Trenbolone is being used by intramuscular injection and Tren Mix – Trenorox Mix should be used once every 5-7 days or so due to its fairly long half life of all 3 forms of Trenbolone in the mixture. It contains 50 mg of Tren Acetate; 100 mg of Tren Enanthate and 50 mg of Tren Hexa per ml. A single ml would provide 200 mg of Trenbolone.

Taking this in consideration, we would recommend to start with 1 ml per week of Trenorox Mix. If you feel you can tolerate more, go to 2 ml per week and stop. 3 ml per week of Trenorox Mix should be attempted only by professionals while 4 ml per week is not recommended altogether as we won’t ever recommend more than 700 mg per week of Trenbolone.

1-2 ml per week providing 200-400 mg of Trenbolone is more than enough to offer huge results.

This compound can be stacked with many cutting or bulking steroids depending on what exactly do you need this product for. Also, cycle length should be approximately 8 weeks. You can attempt 6 weeks for the first time and go up to 8 weeks when you know what you are doing. 10 weeks isn’t well tolerated by everyone.

Trenorox Mix Side Effects | Trenbolone Side Effects

The worst side effects of Trenorox Mix are based on the worst side effects of Trenbolone which includes the androgenic side effects due to its huge androgenic activity.

Trenbolone shouldn’t be attempted to be used by women as they are going to be turned into men and this would happen fast due to virilizing side effects. By far not all men can tolerate this powerful steroid very well either. Increased aggression, oily skin, acne, hair loss as well as abnormal hair growth on body are all very possible.

No estrogenic side effects are possible due to no aromatization, but there’s still a risk of gynecomastia due to progestogen activity. Natural testosterone inhibition is very possible too. Hypertension, insomnia, night sweats, decreased cardio endurance as well as coughing spells are all possible with Trenbolone compounds.

Where to Get Trenbolone? | Buy Trenbolone Mix For Sale | Trenorox Mix

Trenbolone Mix or known as Tri Tren or Tren Mix sold as brand name TrenoroxMix manufactured by Zzerox Pharmaceuticals is a product offering 3 different Trenbolone compounds in the mixture: Trenbolone Acetate; Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Hexa) in a single injection and offered for a very low price.

Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroids in existence and now you can buy it on sale directly from for a discounted price as a combination of 3 different Tren versions. This compound is super potent which is able to greatly improve your physique and it can do it very fast. You can get a lot of size, a lot of muscles and all while you greatly increase your strength levels.


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