Tren E 200



Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate
Manufacturer: Maha Pharma
Pack: 10ml vial (200mg/ml)

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What is Trenbolone Enanthate? | What is Trenbolone? | What is Tren E 200?

Trenbolone Enanthate is the active substance found in this product called Tren E 200 that is manufactured by Maha Pharma. Trenbolone Enanthate is a famous anabolic and androgenic steroid with extremely huge anabolic and androgenic activity that is capable to offer an amazing physique change and performance enhancement.

The best news is that every customer is able to get Tren E 200 by Maha Pharma for an extremely low price. With this being said, those people who are searching for getting their performance to another level and get an amazing body by gaining a lot of muscle mass that is all dry, can purchase this product for a very low price. Maha Pharma offers this medication for prices lower compared to other sources.

Trenbolone Enanthate is offering the active substance Trenbolone – a steroid that is offering X5 the potency of testosterone and that’s because Anabolic to Androgenic ratio is 500 / 500. There is also Trenbolone Acetate (most famous form of Trenbolone) and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Hexa) sold as brand name Parabolan (longest esterified form of Trenbolone). The difference among the 3 is the half life. Trenbolone Acetate offers a half life of 3 days, Trenolone Hexa has half life of 14 days and the product we are currently talking about has a half life of 7 days.

Other than that, there’s no difference as you receive Trenbolone, one of the most powerful steroids that you can ever find and use. The compound can greatly change your physique and that’s while you have a much less frequent administration than Trenbolone Acetate.

This compound is very famous in fitness industry despite not having any medical uses, however this product is expected to be very helpful against health conditions such as anemia, muscle wasting diseases, muscle atrophy and others.

What is Trenbolone Enanthate Used For? | What Does Tren Do? | Tren E 200 Uses

Trenbolone Enantahte is used exclusively by bodybuilders, athletes and powerlifters for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Tren E 200 has no medical uses but as mentioned, taking in consideration its properties and abilities, is expected to be very helpful against numerous health conditions.

Trenbolone Hexa, in the past, used to be a prescription medication for humans but nowadays it has no medical uses. Tren Acetate never had any medical uses, but instead is used in veterinary medicine, used in cattle for making their muscle mass grow as big as possible.

Taking in consideration that Trenbolone Enanthate offers same active substance – Tren, this compound would work the same way for humans as well, making them grow the muscle mass as big as possible too.

It works pretty much the same way as any other AAS by binding to the androgen receptor, however, because of some structural changes and having different properties, Trenbolone has subtle differences from other steroids making so powerful. Has huge anabolic and androgenic activity and all of this combined with no estrogenic activity because it cannot aromatize.

People who used Trenbolone report great increases in muscle mass (dry muscle mass), size, strength levels and numerous other positive effects. Trenbolone increases protein synthesis, helps to burn fat by reducing cortisol levels, increases IGF 1 numbers and increases HGH numbers too.

Since it cannot aromatize and in the same time it has huge anabolic activity, people can grow a lot of muscles that are dry, and it also helps to lose extra body fat. Trenbolone, therefore, can be used as an amazing compound for both bulking or cutting purposes.

How to Use Trenbolone? | Trenbolone Enanthate Dosage | Trenbolone Enanthate Cycle

Trenbolone Enanthate is coming in an oil based solution that should be used intramuscularly once every 5 days due to its long half life. Using it more frequently is believed to be non necessary. The dosage greatly depends on a number of factors such as what you need it for – cutting or bulking as well as other factors.

There are reports suggesting that doses as low as 100-200 mg per week are enough to offer huge results. This is why, we would recommend people to start with such a dose. Nonetheless, more advanced users prefer doses between 350 mg up to 500 mg a week – this is the sweet spot for most people. However doses between 500 and 700 mg a week also can be attempted to be used, but they are not tolerated well by everyone. Doses over 700 mg are dangerous and not recommended.

Cycle length of Trenbolone Enanthate is approximately 10-12 weeks and this compound is mostly used for bulking because of long esterified ester, that’s why is often stacked with other bulking compounds such as Dianabol, Equipoise and others.

Mostly is used alongside with Testosterone and Trenbolone Enanthate can be used for cutting too.

You can try 500 mg a week of Testosterone Enanthate with 400 mg a week of Trenbolone Enanthate for 10 weeks for huge results.

Trenbolone Side Effects | Trenbolone Enanthate Side Effects | Tren E 200

Side effects of Trenbolone is what makes more people stay away from it. Being an ultra powerful steroid, it can offer huge side effects too, especially when being abused. We would recommend to start slowly and never go high on doses because side effects are closely related to the dosage you take.

Side effects can be avoided or controlled with some different methods such as a healthy lifestyle, taking helpful supplements, having a good PCT plan, not having some underlying health problems before using it, not abusing the steroid and others.

Anyway, some side effects specific to Trenbolone include: Tren cough, dark colored urine, insomnia, it kills your cardio (cardio endurance is lowered), sweating and others.

But among those specific to Trenbolone, the usual AAS side effects also are possible such as virilization for women, androgenic side effects as acne, incontrollable aggression, oily skin and others as well as natural testosterone production is going to get inhibited too, so a good PCT cycle is required.

Nonetheless, at least no hepatotoxicity is possible as it doesn’t pass through the liver and no estrogenic side effects can occur as it cannot aromatize.

Where to Get Trenbolone? | Where to Buy Trenbolone Enanthate? | Buy Tren E 200

Trenbolone can be purchased from for a discounted price as is on sale from Maha Pharma under the brand name Tren E 200 offering the active substance Trenbolone Enanthate which is an extremely powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid.

Tren E 200 from Maha Pharma would be one of the best steroids out there you can try for enhancing your performance levels and getting your body physique looking like never else before. That’s because the strength gains would be immense, pretty much as the dry and lean muscle mass growth out of using it.

Since is the official distributors of their products, you can be sure that the quality is going to be high as only genuine products are sold for bargain prices.


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