Testosterone Propionate


Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Manufacturer: ZPHC
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Propionate is the trade name of the substance with the same name that is manufactured by ZPHC pharmaceuticals company. Testosterone Propionate is just one of the lots of different esterified forms of Testosterone available on the market and is one with the shortest half life. This stuff is an injectable product with a slower release rate compared to the Testosterone Suspension (without an ester attached to the testosterone hormone) but is faster compared to all other forms of testosterone with an ester attached.

Testosterone Propionate is one of the most famous and most used testosterone forms out there alongside with Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate. But there are many different Testosterone variants out there. Testosterone Propionate is so famous thanks to its shorter half life which means that although you need to inject it more frequently, the product is flushed out of the system faster. That’s a good thing for those who are concerned about the side effects and that’s because the side effects would disappear quicker as the hormone is eliminated quicker.

Such a compound is better for female users either because in case the virilizing side effects appear – the product is flushed out of the body quicker so the virilizing side effects disappear.

Testosterone Propioante was the first form of Testosterone with an attached ester ever created and that’s why is considered the oldest esterified type of testosterone which is still popular nowadays. The product was created in 1935.

By purchasing this stuff from our website, you are going to receive a very high quality Testosterone Propionate from ZPHC company. A genuine product for a very low price and high quality! You can expect getting a vial of 10 ml containing 100 mg per ml of Testosterone Propionate.

Testosterone Propionate Half Life

Testosterone Propionate is considered to have the shortest half life compared to any other esterified testosterone forms out there. The half life of testosterone propionate is considered to be only 0.8 days (around 20 hours) while some sources suggest that it can be up to like 4.5 days.

We believe that this might be individual for each person depending on a few factors, but you could use a reference point of 2 days. With this being said, the product is active in the body for approximately 4 days or so. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the detection time is much longer!

What is Testosterone Propionate Used For? | Testosterone Propionate in Bodybuilding

Testosterone Propionate is considered one of the strongest testosterone forms out there except for the testosterone suspension (without attached ester). That’s because the active dose is higher for testosterone propionate compared to others. Testosterone Propionate’s active dose is 80% while Testosterone Enanthate is 70%. This means that out of 100 mg, for example, you would receive 80 mg of pure testosterone and 70 mg of pure testosterone, respectively.

Testosterone Propionate is used for various reasons, it is a great compound for different medical needs and is considered the “father” of steroids – one of the most used and famous compounds in bodybuilding for various reasons. In medical settings is most often prescribed to men with low testosterone levels, but it also can be given to women with breast cancer.

Testosterone Propionate in bodybuilding is extremely helpful because it can be a great aid in growing muscle mass, losing body fat, increasing strength, stamina and endurance. It also has other various benefits. It also can be used in bodybuilding as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) during the administration with other AAS and natural testosterone levels are dropping down.

Other benefits include: improving libido, improves the overall view of the body by creating relief, muscle tissues and others, improves protein synthesis, speeds up the recovery process, offers energy and stamina and also improves the overall mood and state of well being for a man.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage | Testosterone Propionate Administration

Usually, beginners find testosterone propionate perfect for them because they don’t know how the product might work so in case something goes wrong – the product is flushed out of the body quicker and everything is alright.

Keep in mind that Testosterone compounds are perfectly mixing up with nearly any other steroid out there. They are extremely versatile so they can be stacked with whatever you need and plus to that, they can be added in both bulking cycles and cutting cycles.

The dosage depends on either you stack it or not, why you need it (bulking, cutting or TRT), personal experience with the drug and personal tolerance. Anyway, a beginner should start a solo administration of only 50 mg every other day. More experienced users go as high as 100 mg every other day.

In the end, people use this product either on an daily basis or every other day basis. A golden rule is to never get higher than 750 mg a week. There are people using 1000 mg a week or even more, but this implies risks.

Don’t forget to add an aromatase inhibitor (AIs) and an Post Cycle Therapy.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

Side Effects of Testosterone Propionate include the exact same side effects as any other testosterone forms. They are generally very well tolerated by most men and side effects greatly depend on the dosage. Lowering the dosage, you have a great chance of lowering the number and intensity of side effects.

Side effects of Testosterone Propionate include: estrogenic side effects, androgenic side effects, natural testosterone suppression as well as a negative effect on the cholesterol and cardiovascular health.

Androgenic side effects are the worst for women where virilizing side effects are included. Estrogenic side effects can be controlled with aromatase inhibitors, cholesterol and cardiovascular issues can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle and diet and natural testosterone suppression can be dealt with a good Post Cycle Therapy.

Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Propionate can be bought directly from this page. We care about every customer and that’s why we offer huge discounts for Testosterone Propionate from ZPHC. We also guarantee you would receive a high quality and genuine product because we work only with GMP authorized pharmacies and we are their official suppliers.

You can’t go wrong with Testosterone Propionate which can greatly help to improve physique and performance. Is a versatile product used with great success by both steroid veterans and newbies and can be used by a lot of different needs.

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Testosterone Propionate