Testo Blend 350



Substance: Testosterone Blend (Testosterone Acetate – 20 mg/ml, Testosterone Propionate – 30 mg/ml, Testosterone PhenylPropionate – 60 mg/ml, Testosterone Isocaproate – 60 mg/ml, Testosterone Decanoate – 100 mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Pack: 10ml vial (350mg/ml)

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What is Sustanon – Testosterone Mix?

Sustanon is a very famous anabolic steroid which is having various medical uses but is also an extremely famous and widely used steroid by bodybuilders, powerlifters and competitive athletes for physique and performance enhancing purposes.

Sustanon 350 is the brand name of the 4 different testosterone esters mixed together. There are other concentrations of this compound such as Sustanon 250, but obviously, Sustanon 350 offered by Dragon Pharma is offering a more powerful mixture containing 42 mg of Testosterone Propionate, 84 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate, 84 mg of Testosterone Isocaproate and 140 mg of Testosterone Decanoate per ml of this product.

The product is most often used by bodybuilders who are going through a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) during the administration with other steroids. If you’re wondering why would you need to use 4 different testosterone esters we can answer: it is offering stable testosterone levels while always keeping your peak blood plasma levels.

Why is that? Why are there 4 different testosterone esters you might wonder – each of them is offering different delay of the main ingredient testosterone in the body after its administration.

Testosterone Propionate has a half life of 3 days, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 4.5 days, Testosterone Isocaproate 9 days and Testosterone Decanoate 15 days. They would enter the system differently depending on the half life. First would enter the shortest half life and it would leave the system the fastest.

Sustanon Half Life

As it was mentioned, Sustanon does not have an exact half life and that’s because there are 4 different esterified testosterones.

As it was mentioned earlier, Testosterone Propionate is believed to have a half life of about 3 days, while some sources suggest that it is less than a day (20 hours).

Testosterone Phenylpropionate is considered to have a half life only a bit more – 4.5 days or less.

Testosterone Isocaproate is offering a half life of approximately 9 days.

And lastly Testosterone Decanoate is having a very long half life of about 15 days.

What is Sustanon Used For?

Sustanon is medically used for different uses such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and a number of other medical uses. But this is a very popular choice of Testosterone form as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilders and athletes.

That’s because when this product is being used properly, the user can expect amazing results, huge results in both physical improvement and performance enhancement. Since the product is offering testosterone, the results are very often associated with results obtained from other long esterified versions of Testosterone.

It is quite obvious since this product is actually pure testosterone. And as we all know, this is the main hormone for building physique. That’s why, by increasing testosterone you are going to get a lot much more muscle growth, size as well as strength gains – all in a faster way.

Lean muscle mass and strength gains are all very expectable exactly as is: enhanced recovery speed rate, increases red blood cells, increases nitrogen retention and obviously boosts protein synthesis.

How to Inject Sustanon? | Sustanon Cycles | Testosterone Mix Administration

Sustanon is injected intramuscularly and is often used either during bulking cycles or as a TRT. It can be used for cutting cycles too, but people report they would rather use short based testosterone for such uses.

According to some anecdotal experience, Sustanon needs to be injected approximately every 3 days for maintaining stable blood levels. Nonetheless, using it every 5 days people still get amazing results and that’s why you can use it once every 3 to 5 days.

A cycle length is usually lasting about 10 to 12 weeks depending on a number of factors. Also, the most common dose of Sustanon is 500 mg a week. There are people who use it in smaller doses but it might not be as effective and there are people who are using it in higher doses as 700 mg and even up to 1000 mg a week but this enhances the chances of getting side effects.

It is important to add some supplements, add an aromatase inhibitor to deal with estrogenic side effect and obviously – to run a PCT at the end of the cycle.

More experienced people are using Sustanon alongside with other steroids. Sustanon is very often stacked with nearly any given steroid because synthetic testosterone is very universal so it can be stacked in both cutting steroid cycles as well as bulking steroid cycles.

Trenbolone, Winstrol, Deca, Masteron, Anavar, Anadrol or any other given steroid can be stacked with Sustanon. You can add Winstrol, for example, 50 mg a day, for 6 weeks if you want a good cutting cycle or you can add Deca 500 mg a week for 12 weeks if you want a good bulking cycle.

Testosterone Mix – Sustanon Side Effects

Sustanon (Testosterone Mix) side effects are absolutely no different compared to any other testosterone compounds. Testosterone compounds are generally well tolerated by most men and that’s why normal doses shouldn’t offer side effects unless you’re very sensitive to the product.

Side effects of testosterone compounds (including Sustanon) are: estrogenic side effects, androgenic side effects, natural testosterone suppression as well as cardiovascular issues. Estrogenic side effects (gynecomastia or known as bitch tits, water retention and others) can be controlled with SERMs or AIs like Nolvadex or Aromasin respectively. Androgenic side effects are sometimes controlled with the help of 5 alpha reductase enzyme inhibitor like Finasteride or Dutasteride.

In the same time, natural testosterone production is the reason why you need a good Post Cycle Therapy and Cardiovascular issues is the reason why you need a healthy lifestyle and diet alongside with supplements.

Do not abuse this product, use helpful supplements, run constant blood tests and add a good PCT plan at the end of the cycle and it would all make sure that you won’t get bothering side effects.

Where to Buy Sustanon (Testosterone Mix)?

Sustanon 350 from Dragon Pharma can be purchased directly from this page at for the best price you can find online. This is a powerful steroid containing 4 different testosterones as a testosterone mix – Testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate and testosterone decanoate. The best part is that this product can be easily obtained for a bargain price. This blend of testosterones manufactured by Dragon Pharma is a product of the highest quality as the pharma company works only under GMP Standards.

Sustanon is a very helpful anabolic and androgenic steroid that can be used for any purposes when it comes to physique and performance enhancement. That’s obvious as it offers pure testosterone and it is known that pure testosterone is essential for building muscles and strength.


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