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Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: Maha Pharma
Pack: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

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What is Test C 250? | What is Testosterone Cypionate?

Test C 250 is the brand name of the anabolic and androgenic steroid – Testosterone Cypionate. Testosterone Cypionate is one of the many esterified forms of testosterone out there, such as testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate and many others.

Test C 250 is a product manufactured by Maha Pharma, a famous pharmaceutical company that is famous world wide for offering high quality medications for very low prices. Therefore, every customer who is getting Test C 250 is going to save money by getting testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate is often being sold under the brand name Depo Testosterone among others including Test C 250 and is a medication that is mainly used in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men. In addition to this, this is one of the most famous steroids for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Testosterone Cypionate is one long esterified testosterone and usually, such forms of testosterones are used for bulking up. Nonetheless, it is also often being used for cutting and for TRT during the administration with other anabolic steroids that might lower testosterone production.

Synthetic testosterone is working by binding to the androgen receptor and secreting its potency. It has an anabolic rating of 100 and androgenic rating of 100. Testosterone is considered the father of the steroids because most other steroids are derived from testosterone. Is the main hormone responsible for building muscle mass – a good looking physique and for increasing performance levels – increasing strength.

This is an oil based solution that is used intramuscularly and is working by elevating the total testosterone levels in the body.

Test C 250 – Testosterone Cypionate Half Life

Testosterone Cypionate that is found in Test C 250 manufactured by Maha Pharma is having the same half life as in any other product as long as is coming with the Cypionate attached ester. This is what responds for the half life as different esters offers different half lives.

Talking about Testosterone Cypionate itself, the half life is believed to be anywhere between 10 to 14 days. This is half of the time in which the main ingredient – synthetic testosterone is flushed out of your body. With this being said, the Testosterone Cypionate compound would stay in your system for a couple of weeks.

Longer esterified versions also have longer detection times – 4 months for Testosterone Cypionate. Each ester is coming with their own advantage and disadvantage.

What Does Testosterone Cypionate Do? | Test C 250 Effectiveness

As mentioned, Testosterone Cypionate is doing the exact same thing as any other esterified form of testosterone would do and in the end, does the exact same things that natural testosterone does in the body.

Test C 100 is extremely effective and that’s because this product offers high quality and pure synthetic testosterone. This means that as soon as you inject Test C 100, the testosterone cypionate starts getting into your body and system working as an ordinary and natural testosterone.

Out of having more testosterone levels, the individual is going to start having a lot much more strength and gaining size, muscles and strength would occur much more efficiently and faster. Some of the benefits that the individuals might expect include:

Enhanced recovery after each training session, great boost in protein synthesis, a huge increase in red blood cells as well as increases in nitrogen retention. All of these processes lead to a lot of benefits when it comes to physique and performance enhancing purposes.

How to Inject Testosterone Cypionate? | Test C 250 / Testosterone Cypionate Dosage / Cycle

Testosterone Cypionate is a long esterified form of testosterone (one of the longest) and usually, long esterified forms of steroids are used during bulking cycles or for TRT while short esterified forms of testosterone such as Testosterone Propionate are usually used during cutting and hardening cycles.

However, is important to understand that each product is going to offer synthetic testosterone in the end and that’s why, all forms of testosterone can be used for the same needs – bulking, cutting or TRT.

However, dosage and cycle lengths depends on why exactly you need to use this compound. For example, doses under 500 mg a week can be used with great success for cutting and TRT. Doses over 500 mg are usually given for bulking cycles. But then again, there may be exceptions.

Cycle lengths, especially with long esterified forms of testosterone are usually longer. Anywhere in between 10 to 14 weeks is what most people go for. Testosterone Cypionate can be stacked with any given steroid, but what type of steroid a person would need is then again individual, depending on what you expect.

It can be stacked with Winstrol, for example, for stacking and with Dianabol, for example, for bulking. Once every 7 days (once a week) administration frequency would be enough. Use 400 mg for cutting or about 600 mg for bulking.

Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Side effects of Testosterone Cypionate are no different from side effects of any other form of testosterone or actually – natural testosterone that is made by our bodies naturally, but in excess. The side effects of testosterone cypionate includes those that suggest too high testosterone levels are in the body. This is the reason why we can say that the side effects are very related to the dosage used.

Using normal doses as well as adding supplements, having a healthy lifestyle and not having any underlying health issues would help in avoiding side effects.

But side effects includes the most common and usual side effects of anabolic and androgenic steroids such as natural testosterone production, androgenic side effects, estrogenic side effects, cholesterol and cardiovascular negative effects too.

Other side effects might include pains at the injection sites and some others that were not mentioned here. Just remember to properly use testosterone and side effects won’t be really bad because you receive testosterone and this is the main male hormone. A bit of more testosterone is nearly always helpful for men, especially when it comes to physique and performance enhancement.

Where to Buy Testosterone Cypionate For Sale? | Buy Test C 250

Testosterone Cypionate can be easily purchased directly from for a very low price. You are going to receive the highest quality product in Test C 250 manufactured by Maha Pharma with a purity of product no less than 98.5%. This product is going to be amazing for those who want to get something which would greatly improve their physique and performance.

Remember that testosterone is the father of the steroids and the main hormone required for building up muscles, size and strength. No wonder that by getting testosterone cypionate which would offering more testosterone levels is a perfect product for such purposes.


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