Supra-Testosterone 500 (Sustanon 500)


Substance: Testosterone Blend
Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10ml vial (500mg/ml)

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Please note that Sust 500 is a very strong product and only advanced BodyBuilders can use it. We would recommend Suste-Testosterone 250 for regular users.

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What is Supra-Testosterone? | What is Sustanon?

Supra-Testosterone is the trade name of Testosterone Blend which is made out of 4 different Testosterone Esters: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone isocaproate and Testosterone decanoate. This is an extremely famous Testosterone Blend (Mixture) among bodybuilders but it might be better known under the brand name Sustanon 250. In fact, there’s absolutely no difference between Sustanon 250 and Supra-Testosterone except for their name, brand producing it and the price while Supra-Testosterone is much cheaper but same high quality.

This is an injectable combination of medication of 4 different testosterone esters all of which are androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS). This product contains: 30 mg of propionate, 60 mg of phenylpropionate and 60 mg of isocaproate and also 100 mg of testosterone decanoate making the total of 250 mg – hence the name. They are all offering the exact same hormone – Testosterone, so why they had to blend them? Every ester is having different time release when is being administered.

With this being said, every form of testosterone is released in the body at different times. Using a combination of 4 – you receive testosterone very quickly thanks to short acting testosterone esters but in the same time you have a prolonged release thanks to long acting esters.

As is known – testosterone is a great compound when it comes to bodybuilding. The “father” of steroids. That’s why, Sustanon got a huge popularity among bodybuilders and athletes. Purchasing Supra Testosterone from our website you can expect a very high quality testosterone blend for a very low price with a pack containing 10 ml vial with 250 mg per ml – a total of 2500 mg of testosterone blend.

Beligas Pharma is also offering Suste-Testosterone which is basically the same product as Supra-Testosterone, the only difference between the 2 products is in the amount of Sustanon per ml. Suste-Testosterone offering 250 mg per ml while Supra-Testosterone 500 mg per ml making this compound more affordable.

How Does Sustanon Work? | What Does Testosterone Do? Supra-Testosterone

Supra Testosterone (better known as Sustanon) is working the exact same way as any other testosterone compound. It does the exact same thing as any synthetic testosterone when it reaches your body and system. The only difference that we can mention is that a testosterone compound is released in the body at different speeds each, but here we have 4 different esters offering 4 different speeds of release from a single injection.

Nonetheless, regardless which testosterone you are using – the compounds are medically used in the management of hypogonadism, either congenital or acquired. Plus, it also can be used as a breast cancer treatment for postmenopausal women. Nonetheless, in the world of bodybuilding it has completely other uses.

Some benefits of Sustanon (Testosterone) include: increased muscle mass and increased strength, much better libido as well as improvement of recovery after each training. Plus to this, it is helping with protein synthesis, helps you have a much better overall look, helps in losing fat and keeping muscle mass (has anabolism effects and fights off with catabolism effects).

The product has a lot of different benefits, and especially for males because this is the primary male hormone – the most important hormone responding for sexual characteristics, general state of well being, mental health, physical health and a lot of other things for a male.

Sustanon Cycles | Supra Testosterone Administration | How to Take Sustanon 250?

Sustanon 250 should be taken with big care – first of all because is a testosterone blend containing different testosterone esters, is a very potent / powerful product and this means that it can become dangerous if not used properly.

Usually, Testosterone Blend like Supra Testosterone doesn’t require too often injection frequency because of the longest ester found in Sustanon – Testosterone Decanoate that has a half life of approximately 15 days. That’s an extremely long half life meaning that it roughly takes 30 days to leave your system meaning it would be active for nearly a month.

With this being said, although in medical settings Sustanon is offered every 3 weeks, bodybuilders use it on a weekly basis. With this being said, a single administration of Supra Testosterone is going to be enough to keep stable blood levels. Most beginners with Sustanon start at a dosage of 300 to 500 mg a week. Those who have a little bit more experience go at higher doses between 500 to 750 mg a week while most experienced users go at doses up to 1000 mg a week. Generally, going higher than 1000 mg weekly is not recommended.

By using it for Testosterone Replacement Therapy then a dosage of anywhere between 100 to 250 mg a week should be enough. The dosage greatly depends on personal tolerance and experience with the drug, it also depends on why you need to use it (TRT, bulking, cutting or whatever other reason) as well as either are you using the product alone or with some other compounds in combination.

Cycles usually last anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks, again depending on multiple factors. Sustanon, being  a testosterone compound can be stacked extremely well with nearly all other steroids.

Supra-Testosterone Side Effects | Side Effects of Sustanon

Side effects of Supra Testosterone (Sustanon) are exactly the same as with any other testosterone compounds. This means that while most men tolerate testosterone very well, the side effects can become dangerous in case the product is abused. Side effects are strongly related with the dosage taken and that’s why, if you want to stay away from side effects – keep normal doses.

Side effects include: androgenic side effects (acne, oily skin, male pattern baldness) including virilizing side effects (women are not recommended Sustanon at all), estrogenic side effects such as water retention, gynecomastia and others, cholesterol/ cardiovascular side effects and others including natural testosterone suppression which might lead to testicular atrophy.

This is the reason why adding a post cycle therapy is so important. Also, anti estrogenic products can combat the estrogenic side effects.

Where to Buy Sustanon 250? | Supra Testosterone

In the end, Supra Testosterone (Sustanon) is considered to be a mild steroid in terms of side effects but is an extremely effective compound – is one of the very popular steroids out there and it can be used for a lot of different reasons such as TRT, gaining size, getting a better look, losing fat, faster recovery etc.

You can purchase Supra Testosterone from Beligas Pharmaceuticals directly from our website and you are guaranteed to obtain the highest quality product for the lowest possible price.

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    Quality product

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    Awesome stuff an absolutely no pip from product this strong

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    Great gear ,I love the results!!

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    Product arrived in two got exactly what I ordered good job

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    Great stuff

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Supra-Testosterone by Beligas
Supra-Testosterone 500 (Sustanon 500)