Suspension 100



Substance: Testosterone Suspension
Manufacturer: Maha Pharma
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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What is Suspension 100? | What is Testosterone Suspension? | Testosterone Booster

Suspension 100 is the brand name of the anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) – Testosterone Suspension and despite this form of testosterone not being as popular and widely used by people, this form of testosterone is considered by far the most powerful and potent which is capable to offer huge results in record short periods of time.

Testosterone Suspension is exactly the same product as any given form of testosterone except for the fact that it has no attached ester. What does this mean you may wonder? It means that you’re able to get huge results in extremely short period of times due to the fact that you can achieve peak levels very fast.

Testosterone suspension is a non esterified testosterone derivative which is basically synthetic testosterone that is as pure as it can be. It is water based, instead of oil based testosterones that most other forms of testosterones are that are mostly used.

This means that there is no ester to delay the elimination of the testosterone in the system after it got administered. Testosterone itself is having a half life of 2-4 hours and this is the half life of this product. That’s much shorter even compared to the shortest acting esterified testosterone (propionate) that is offering a half life of about 20 hours, not mentioning the longest version of testosterone offering half life of weeks.

However, being the purest testosterone form, is offering the most testosterone amount per mg used. For example testosterone suspension offers 100 mg of pure testosterone out of 100. Other forms of testosterone, offers less. For example, propionate which is offering the most out of all esterified versions offers around 81 mg out of 100.

With this being said, is one of the most powerful forms of testosterone currently in existence as testosterone suspension is the only form that is basically pure testosterone in its raw form. In the end, this is a very fast acting and extremely powerful steroid.

What is Suspension 100 Used For? | Testosterone Suspension Uses

Testosterone Suspension that is found in the brand name manufactured by Maha Pharma – Suspension 100 is used mainly in bodybuilding and that’s because for medical settings, doctors prescribe other forms of testosterone for various medical uses, mainly for hypogonadism – testosterone replacement therapy.

However, Suspension 100 also can be used for those purposes because in the end, the individual is basically receiving same product and active substance, but the different half lives is what makes people decide which testosterone form they actually need.

Testosterone Suspension is going to offer some of the most prominent benefits and advantages and some of them include: muscle growth – in fact, this is one of the best things out there for this purpose. It greatly helps in a positive way to offer better nitrogen balance, is amazing for speeding up the protein synthesis, repairing and rebuilding muscles after workout as well as speeding up the healing processes.

Plus to this, testosterone suspension is greatly increases strength levels allowing the users to lift heavier weights and the muscles resist more stress. This stuff is greatly improving athletic performance and for this reason many athletes often start using Testosterone. It does so by increasing red blood cell counts and this is going to lead to more oxygen and nutrients that the blood would carry to the cells.

This steroid is also great when it comes to promoting an amazing anabolic environment, reducing the cortisol (the hormone which deposits fat) and therefore you can grow muscle mass in the time that you reduce body fat.

It simply works by binding to the androgen receptors and is offering a high level of testosterone which is leading to many different benefits.

Suspension 100 How to Use | Dosage | Administration – Testosterone Suspension

Suspension 100 containing Testosterone Suspension is a great testosterone booster and an extremely powerful steroid, that’s why this is not an ordinary testosterone form so is not recommended for any given gym noob. This product comes in water-based solution and should be used intramuscularly on a daily basis if you want to get the most out of it.

In fact, people are using it multiple times per day in order to keep stable blood levels and that’s because of its extremely short half life of only 2-4 hours. Testosterone Suspension is used for many different needs – testosterone replacement therapy, for cutting and hardening puposes as well as for bulking purposes.

Based on this, you need to decide what is the dosage that you require, the cycle length as well as the other steroids that can be stacked with Suspension 100. For example, testosterone suspension usual doses fall anywhere in the range of 200 mg up to 1000 mg a week. Few people can tolerate such a high dose of 1000 mg a week or even higher. Doses of 200 mg a week or less are for TRT or cutting. Doses over 400 mg a week are for bulking. Cycle length can be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 10 weeks. Can be stacked with Winstrol, Dianabol, Deca and many others.

Suspension 100 Side Effects | Testosterone Suspension Side Effects

Side effects of Suspension 100 – Testosterone Suspension are absolutely no different from any other form of testosterone and that’s because you just receive testosterone. The difference might be that you can feel the side effects more intense and profound and you might feel them faster occurring, but they would go away faster as well.

Side effects are very closely related with the dosage. The higher the dosage gets, the more side effects are possible. You can control the side effects with various methods.

So, side effects include: suppressed testosterone production, androgenic side effects and estrogenic side effects such as hypertension, acne, oily skin, gynecomastia, hair loss, bloating and others. It may offer negative effect on cardiovascular and cholesterol health. Other than that, you may feel the injection more painful because of the water based solution. Diluting the solution and heating it up usually really helps with this side effect.

Where to Buy Suspension 100? | Best Testosterone Booster

Suspension 100 can be purchased from for discounted prices and prices so low that you cannot find it anywhere else online. Suspension 100 is offering Testosterone Suspension which is non esterified version of Testosterone requiring very frequent administration but offering the fastest results and huge results. This product is manufactured by Maha Pharma and this company got very famous and reputable due to the fact that they offer pure and high quality steroids for low prices. Lots of customers and retailers have trust in them. And is their official distributors.

Buy Suspension 100 and you won’t regret your choice. You are going to be able to speed up the entire athletic performance and physique improvement processes allowing for huge results that would be seen very fast.


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