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Substance: Methyldrostanolone
Manufacturer: Maha Pharma
Pack: 100 tabs (10mg/tab)

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What is Superdrol? | What is Methyldrostanolone?

Superdrol is the brand name of the active substance Methyldrostanolone and this is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) manufactured by Maha Pharma – a famous pharmaceutical company offering high quality medications for low prices. Superdrol is actually a nickname of the Methyldrostanolone but this is the name of the product manufactured by Maha Pharma.

Methyldrostanolone also might be known as methasterone and this is an orally active steroid which comes in form of tablets and should be taken by mouth only. This steroid was never offered for any medical uses, however, the product is being used by bodybuilders and powerlifters for physique and performance enhancement purposes. That’s because Methyldrostanolone found in Superdrol is by far one of the strongest steroids that you can ever find.

It was created many years ago back in 1950s and it never had any medical uses because is considered way too strong of a steroid. Such a statement never scared aggressive and professional bodybuilders who wanted more.

Now, many years later, Methasterone sold as Superdrol is still widely available and used by many people in fitness and bodybuilding industry and is considered to be one of the strongest oral steroids available out there.

While all of this may sound good, is important to use this compound with big caution because Superdrol is considered to be extremely hepatotoxic. Years ago, Superdrol used to be even more used and popular due to the fact that it was considered a supplement which could greatly help, therefore it was sold over the counter. Later it got FDA attention and got banned.

Nonetheless, many people refused to stop using it due to its amazing properties and are still searching and using it nowadays with great success.

How Does Superdrol Work?

As mentioned, Superdrol never had any medical uses but instead, is a very famous steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. In addition to that, as you can guess, there are good reasons as why Superdrol is considered to be one of the strongest oral steroids out there. And if there are people who already used it, they would agree with this statement.

Methyldrostanolone is not a steroid that you can joke about, experimenting with it and taking high doses usually ends up with nasty side effects.

However, by using it properly, Superdrol is working in a miracle way. You are able to gain dry lean muscle mass as it offers no estrogenic side effects. with this being said, after about 2 weeks of using this product, the gains that you are going to see would be really noticeable and that’s because the gains would be as much as about 10 up to 30 lbs of dry and lean muscle mass. The gains would be amazing, especially if you’re going to have a good diet and training.

Another amazing thing about Superdrol is that you can use it for both bulking and cutting and that’s why, Superdrol is hugely effective for whatever your needs are when it comes to improve physique and enhance performance.

Using Superdrol, you can expect some really serious muscle mass gains in the time that you lose body fat.

Do not think that Superdrol is only a cosmetic steroid as this is a huge mistake. Albeit being able to greatly change your physique and offering an amazing cosmetic look, it also greatly helps you to make you strong. In fact, strength increases are one of the very first things noticed with Superdrol.

The strength levels increased would be no less than 25% or so. So, this steroid is extremely helpful for whatever physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Superdrol Cycles | Superdrol Dosage | How to Take Superdrol?

Superdrol, as mentioned, comes in forms of tablets and as nearly all other orally active steroids, the half life is quite short (8-9 hours) which requires a daily administration. Also, to allow the steroid to become effective by passing through the liver, the C17 alpha alkylation has been added, therefore the product is liver hepatotoxic.

With all of this being said, you need to use it on a daily basis by taking the pills for a short period of time. In short, most people would require a dosage anywhere between 20 mg to 40 mg a day, depending on the goals with some cycle lengths that are no longer than 6 weeks. Generally, you would see amazing results at 20 mg a day for 4 weeks only.

Superdrol is seen by many a very dangerous steroid. While this may be true, do not forget that many people, in the past, used to widely abuse Superdrol, by using it for as long as 12 weeks or even longer and using doses as high as 100 mg per day. Obviously, such actions would lead to dangerous results.

This steroid is stacking super good with nearly all of the most well known injectable steroids and is often stacked with them. Add a certain steroid based on what you need it for: cutting or bulking. Do not forget a PCT and liver supplements.

Superdrol Side Effects

Is important to add a PCT and liver supplements to the cycle because of the side effects. As any other anabolic and androgenic steroid, Superdrol is suppressing natural testosterone production and at the end of the cycle, is important to have a PCT plan.

In addition to that, it was mentioned that Superdrol is C17 alpha alkylated and one of the biggest side effect is the hepatotoxicity. Liver supplements are very important.

Good news is that this steroid cannot aromatize and that’s why no gynecomastia or other estrogen related side effects would occur.

Bad cholesterol levels and negative effects on the cardiovascular health are considered possible and that’s why using supplements for them is a good idea too, pretty much as keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Women can get virilizing side effects so better stay away from this powerful steroid. Men can get androgenic side effects such as hair loss, increased hair growth on face and body, oily skin as well as acne. Nonetheless, it the steroid doesn’t seem to be as bad in such side effects as for example, Winstrol.

Where to Buy Superdrol For Sale? | Where to Buy Methyldrostanolone For Sale?

Superdrol is on sale on and you can purchase it without any issues directly from this page. Our website is the official supplier of Maha Pharma – the company manufacturing this product and therefore you are ensured to get the highest quality products for the lowest prices on the market since we offer discounts and Maha Pharma is reputable online for offering genuine steroids at low prices.

Superdrol containing Methyldrostanolone or Methasterone is a very powerful orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid which is very popular for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Is important to use it carefully and Superdrol can greatly help you change your physique a lot by increasing dry and lean muscle mass and strength levels.


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