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Substance: Somatropin
Manufacturer: Merck
Pack: 1 vial pen 24 iu (8 mg)

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What is Saizen (HGH)? | What is Somatropin?

Saizen is the commercial preparation (trade name) of synthetic somatropin (which is better known as – Human Growth Hormone or shortly HGH) that is being manufactured by Merck Serono. Merck Serono is a brand and division of Merck focused on biopharmaceuticals. With this being said, the quality of Saizen product should be the highest possible as Merck is the oldest functional chemical and pharma company in the entire world and is, obviously, one of the biggest and largest pharma companies out there.

With this being said – the product Saizen that is the trade name for HGH manufactured by such well known company – is expected to be of an extremely high quality. Saizen is an injectable product and is produced by recombinant DNA technology. The results of manufacturing Saizen ends up in an identical 191 amino acid sequence and structure to the human GH gene. That’s why, when using Saizen, the user’s body cannot see a difference between the synthetic somatropin injected and the natural HGH produced by pituitary gland.

By purchasing Saizen somatropin from our website you can be sure that you are going to get exclusively high quality Saizen that is genuine manufactured by Merck pharma company. By purchasing Saizen 8 mg Click Easy – you would receive 1 vial pen 24 IU (8 mg) which is very easy to use. You would be happy to see that we offer the product for a much attractive price compared to all other sources!

What is Saizen (Human Growth Hormone) Used For? | Effects of Saizen

The product is designed to be used by people who need long term treatment of Growth Hormone Deficient. Plus to that, Saizen, exactly like any other synthetic somatropin out there (talking about high quality somatropin), is having an important role in those children and adolescents who have growing problems because of not enough growth hormone levels.

While using Saizen (or any other high quality products) you can expect to receive: tissue growth, skeletal growth, cell growth (and especially muscle growth – one of the main reason why it is being so famous among bodybuilders), as well as internal organs growth. Being a growth hormone – it obviously makes you grow. And it affects your entire body. It is known to greatly help to grow nails and hair as well.

This is why you need to make sure you do not have cancerous tumors, as they would grow as well.

But except for that, Saizen is also boosting metabolism, increases energy, stamina and endurance of users, boosts appetite (that’s why is used by bodybuilders or in clinical settings by AIDS Wasting patients), improves libido, improves sleep patterns, boosts immune system, changes the protein synthesis into a favorite way. There are many other benefits and off label uses of Saizen.

How To Use Saizen? | Somatropin HGH Dosage / Administration

In order to understand how you should use Saizen, you should know why exactly you need to use this product (or any other synthetic somatropin products). That’s because different needs requires different dosage protocols.

If Saizen has been prescribed to you or your children for whatever the reason, do not use it in any other way than your doctor prescribed. If you are using Saizen off label – it depends on what exactly you are looking for.

If you need Saizen for rejuvenating properties (often Saizen and generally HGH products are referred as “the fountain of youth”) then a dosage of 2 to 4 iu per day is going to be enough. Doses are getting higher depending on your needs but it can reach 15 IU a day if you are a professional bodybuilder. Most often, people see huge results by using anywhere between 8 to 12 IU a day for packing on muscles and that’s everything that they need.

Synthetic somatropin has a short half life and that’s why, if you need to keep stable blood levels, Saizen should be used at least once a day. Most people decide to split the dosage up in 2 or maybe even 3 equal doses per day. Remember to start slowly – do not take too high doses immediately. It is recommended to start with a slow dosage (say 2 – 4 iu a day) and then slowly increase the dosage to optimal range until you feel that the dosage is good.

By doing so – you are going to be able to avoid getting side effects because the body is having time to get used to the product and to slowly get used to the elevated growth hormone levels. Using a big dose without tapering up greatly increase the chances of getting side effects.

Saizen (HGH) Side Effects

Side effects of Saizen or any other high quality HGH product is directly depending on the dosage used. Saizen is a high quality and pure HGH product and that’s why, is considered that the product is fairly side effects friendly unless you take too high of a dose.

The side effects can be easily controlled by adjusting the dosage because usually, lowering down the dosage would do a great job in lowering down the intensity of side effects and completely removing them. Too much of synthetic somatropin means you would get too much Growth Hormone levels in your body and the side effects are directly related to this.

Side effects of Saizen or any other HGH product are associated with: numbness, aches of joints, headaches, aches of arms and legs, weakness in the morning, feeling of sickness (nausea, vomiting), abusing it might end up in carpal tunnel syndrome, increases the chances of diabetes and others.

Since this product makes your entire body grow – it may result in abnormal internal organs growth and there are numerous of other side effects. Lower the dosage or stop taking the product if you get too harsh side effects.

Why Buy Somatropin | Where To Buy Saizen?

You can purchase Somatropin products for many different reasons but the product got extremely popular for bodybuilders because it can greatly help people to grow muscles. It can help you to lose weight, to offer energy, strength gains and much more endurance and stamina. These are all properties of Saizen (or any other high quality Somatropin products) and that’s why is so appreciated by athletes.

You can purchase Saizen directly from our website and you are ensured to get the lowest prices for Saizen as we offer huge discounts and attractive deals. You are guaranteed to get genuine Saizen from Merck so you won’t be worried about the quality.


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