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Substance: Mesterolone
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
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What is Proviron? | What is Mesterolone?

Proviron is the brand name of the active substance known as Mesterolone and this is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) manufactured and created by Dragon Pharma. This is an orally applicable androgen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative that is mainly used in the treatment of low testosterone levels. It also has other medical uses such as male infertility.

Nonetheless, the product is also being used by bodybuilders, powerlifters and competitive athletes for physique and performance enhancing purpose as well, even though this product is not very commonly used for such purposes and that’s because the product is considered to have weak anabolic effects.

For this reason, the steroid is not used as an ordinary steroid, but it has other uses than those of increasing muscle mass. Exactly as other AAS out there, is still an agonist of the androgen receptor as it needs to bind to the receptors for excreting its properties. But unlike many other steroids, it has strong androgenic effects and weak anabolic effects – that’s why the product is considered more helpful for offering masculinization.

Proviron with brand name Mesterolone was firstly developed back in 1934 making it an steroid even older than testosterone propionate and is still used nowadays, mainly in men, for treating depression (induced by hypogonadism), anxiety as well as boosting lack of sex drive including other uses.

Important thing to mention is that unlike other steroids, Proviron is barely suppressing endogenous testosterone production and it can be used as an aromatase inhibitor as there are studies proving that it reduces the flow of estrogen in the blood.

Proviron Half Life | How Long Does Proviron Take to Work?

Proviron, pretty much as any other oral steroids, is having a fairly short half life, especially compared to the oil based steroids that are injected. But compared to oral steroids, it is having a fairly long half life of about 12 hours, however the detection time is considered to be 5-6 weeks.

Proviron starts to work nearly immediately after its administration, nonetheless, it takes a while for the effects to be noticed. The increase in the DHT and androgenic activity is happening after a little while after using it, but the masculinization effects are seen after a few weeks.

What Does Proviron Do? | What is Mesterolone Used For?

Mesterolone is used for various medical issues such as low testosterone levels and all other issues associated with this condition. Most often, is prescribed to men with low libido and is also a precursor to full TRT.

But why would bodybuilders need a product that is showing weak anabolic activity (that is practically inexistent) and strong anabolic activity? Mainly because of its abilities to work as an anti estrogen medication. Proviron is having a high affinity to bind to the aromatase enzyme and this is the reason why steroid users could use it during the cycle with other aromatizable steroids as an aromatase inhibitor and also a booster.

It is also used by bodybuilders during the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), but this practice is rarely done nowadays because although mild suppressive, studies still prove that Proviron (Mesterolone) is suppressing Luteinizing Hormone, and that’s especially in high doses.

The product is mainly used as a stack with wet compounds for offering a harder look, more vascularity and less puffiness, that’s why is considered a cosmetic steroid by many people.

Proviron Dosage | When to Take Proviron? | Mesterolone Administration

There’s no use of Proviron when used alone for physique and performance enhancing purposes. It can be used in cutting cycles and in bulking cycles and that’s why you should take it when stacked with other steroids depending on your needs.

A really good stacking with Proviron is with Dianabol. Dianabol would make you grow in size and muscles and strength while Proviron would help you to balance out the estrogen levels and therefore offer a harder, leaner look.

Don’t forget that Proviron alone is pretty much useless, use it exclusively only during other anabolic steroid uses as a form of stack. A good starting point would be Dianabol and Proviron at 25 mg each per day. With a cycle length of 6 weeks.

This cycle would be perfect as it offers nearly no side effects while you might still greatly benefit out of it. use Cardarine and N2Guard capsules.

After you are getting used to the effects of this product, you might up your dosage to 50 mg per day of each steroid for a total of 8 weeks. Increase the Cardarine and N2Guard dosages too. There are other stacks too, but this is by far one of the most effective and synergic stack of Proviron – Mesterolone.

Proviron Side Effects | Mesterolone Side Effects

Taking in consideration that Proviron – Mesterolone is having weak anabolic activity but strong androgenic activity, is quite obvious that androgenic side effects are very possible, especially to those prone to them or when the steroid is taken in higher doses.

This is one of the main reasons why women shouldn’t use this product as virilization (masculinization) side effects are nearly guaranteed.

Also, hair loss sufferers might use finasteride or dutasteride while using Mesterolone in an attempt to counteract this side effect.

Other than that, side effects are nearly unseen with this product if used in normal doses. Although is an oral steroid, is not C17 alpha alkylated and that’s why liver issues shouldn’t appear. It might be a bit suppressive to the natural testosterone production, but definitely not as bad as with other steroids.

In addition, cardiovascular and cholesterol issues, although possible, definitely not as bad as with other steroids too. In the end, this steroid is fairly safe, except for the androgenic side effects such as oily skin, hair loss, acne, abnormal hair growth on face/ body and others which can be pretty bad.

Where to Buy Proviron For Sale? | Buy Mesterolone 25 mg

Proviron containing Mesterolone is an androgenic steroid with weak anabolic activity and that’s why it can be helpful for physique and performance enhancement, but you need to know how to use it properly for making it beneficial.

This product is manufactured by Dragon Pharma – a pharmaceutical company that is manufacturing and creating high quality medications and a pharmacy working only under GMP Standards ensuring this high quality.

You can purchase it from this page at for a very low price as we guarantee that Proviron from Dragon Pharma offers a much better price compared to other sources and other brands. You’re going to greatly benefit when using this steroid properly as it can offer you a shining/ harder and leaner look even while you get bigger by using “aromatizable” wet compounds.


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