ProMass 400 (Test E / EQ)


Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate 200 / Testosterone Enanthate 200
Manufacturer: Aaster Health and Sports Solutions
Pack: 10ml vial (400mg/ml)

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What is ProMass 400?

ProMass 400 is the brand name of a product containing Testosterone Enanthate and Boldenone Undecylenate which might be better known by its brand name Equipoise (or simply as bodybuilders call it – EQ). Boldenone is a steroid that is known to offer huge muscles and strength gains and that’s why is very widely used in fitness industry. When this steroid is combined with Testosterone Enanthate the user is receiving everything needed for packing on a lot of muscles and greatly improving physique and performance.

Aaster Health and Sports Solutions is the pharmaceutical company which combined the 2 steroids and are manufacturing them as ProMass 400. Since it has a mixture of 200 mg of Testosterone Enanthate and 200 mg of Boldenone Undecylenate per ml you receive a total of 400 mg and by using them together you are getting a lot of muscle mass. Hence the name of ProMass 400.

This product is extremely convenient for those who do not want to inject themselves too often. A single injection is done for receiving the steroids needed when it comes to bulking up. Another benefit of this product is its price. Purchasing ProMass 400 would be much more convenient when it comes to financial point of view. In fact, there’s absolutely no advantage of purchasing and using each steroid separately compared to simply getting ProMass 400.

In order to better understand this product, you need to be familiar with each steroid in particular and this way you know what to expect out of using it. Is very important to know what to expect out of using a steroid and that’s why we would share a little information about each compound in particular.

Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the many esterified versions of Testosterone but is one of the most used esterified form of Testosterone alongside with Testosterone Propionate (with shortest acting ester) and Testosterone Cypionate (with slightly longer acting ester than Enanthate).

Testosterone Enanthate is having a half life of approximately 5-7 days and this means that people are getting stable blood levels using it only once a week but people tend to use it twice a week for even stable blood levels. Other than the half life – there’s no difference between Testosterone Enanthate and any other esterified version.

Synthetic testosterone is working the exact same way as naturally occurring testosterone and as we know – this is the main hormone required for building an amazing physique and improving performance abilities such as strength, agility, endurance etc.

Having an Anabolic to Androgenic ratio of 100:100 with moderate estrogenic activity, synthetic testosterone can be combined with any given steroid and can be used in bulking cycles, cutting cycles as well as a form of TRT.

Testosterone is extremely important in the world of bodybuilders because of its amazing properties. By getting higher numbers of testosterone, the physique and performance of the user can greatly change to better.

Boldenone Undecylenate – Equipoise

Boldenone Undecylenate which might be better known by its brand name Equipoise is a steroid known to have the perfect properties for rapidly increasing lean muscle mass and strength indicators. This is by far one of the most famous injectable steroids, especially when it comes to packing on size.

This steroid is having a very favorable anabolic to androgenic rating of 100:50 which means that you’re basically able to get big benefits out of using it with limited side effects. The aromatization of this steroid can offer some estrogenic side effects, but it also ensures you get very big in a very short period of time.

The Undecylenate ester here is responding for a very long half life of the active ingredient: Boldenone. With this being said, Boldenone Undecylenate is having a half life anywhere between 10-14 days.

Most people using Boldenone Undecylenate recommend to use it alongside with some long esterified version of Testosterone. Therefore Boldenone is often used alongside with Testosterone.

Those who are using Boldenone Undecylenate are often reporting increased vascularity, muscle hardening effects, enhanced strength as well as increased endurance. But since it is estrogenic you also need to make sure you have aromatase inhibitors which can deal with the estrogenic side effects.

ProMass 400 Dosage

The dosage of ProMass 400 greatly depends on what exactly are you expecting out of using it, personal tolerance and knowledge with the steroids as well as a number of factors.

In the end, the dosage of Testosterone Enanthate is usually anywhere in the range of 300 mg up to 800 mg per week. Few people use less than 300 mg for various needs and few people need more than 1000 mg per week as it can offer side effects. Most people are finding their perfect spot between 500 to 600 mg a week.

Similar situation is with Equipoise. Most people are finding their sweet spot anywhere between 400 to 600 mg a week while doses fewer might not offer enough benefits while doses higher can offer side effects.

Taking in consideration that you receive 200 mg of each steroid per ml of Pro Mass then we recommend a dosage of 2-3 ml a week. For example, using 1 ml on Monday and 1 ml on Thursday is going to be enough for you to receive amazing results.

Do not forget to use aromatase inhibitors as EQ alongside with Testosterone would most likely offer estrogenic side effects.

The cycles with Testosterone Enanthate and Equipoise usually last no less than 12 weeks while some go as long as 16 weeks.

ProMass 400 Side Effects

Side Effects of ProMass 400 are exactly the same as each steroid in particular and when thinking about side effects of ProMass you need to think of side effects of Boldenone and Testosterone and combine them.

Boldenone is most often associated with the following side effects: raising blood pressure (hypertension), water retention, gynecomastia as well as negative cardiovascular effects.

Testosterone is mainly associated with: androgenic side effects like hair loss, acne, oily skin and others. It also might affect cardiovascular health and offer estrogenic side effects.

Both steroids are suppressing natural testosterone production and that’s why is very important to have a good PCT plan.

Where to Buy ProMass 400?

ProMass 400 can be easily purchased from for a very attractive price. ProMass 400 is the product containing Testosterone Enanthate and Boldenone Undecylenate which are 2 steroids that are most often combined together.

That’s why there’s no need to buy them separately – you can get this product manufactured by Aaster Health and Sports Solutions and get along with it for all your needs. With this product you’re able to greatly improve your physique and performance.

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  1. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great product! Three weeks in and already seeing and feeling a difference!!

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