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What is Oxano-lab 20? | What is Anavar (Oxandrolone)?

Oxano-lab 20 is the trade name of a really famous steroid compound – Oxandrolone which might be better known by its other more famous trade name – Anavar. This product has a unique place among steroid users and especially among women for performance and physique enhancement purposes. This product might be referred as Var, Anavar or Oxano-lab 20 all of which are the same product containing same active ingredient – Oxandrolone. The only difference is the manufactured and Oxano-lab 20 is manufactured by a famous pharma company – 7Lab Pharma oriented in creating performance drugs.

Oxandrolone has been discovered many years ago in mid 1960s and was one of the very first oral steroids that ever were created and got popular for bodybuilders. As with pretty much all other steroids, initially the product was designed for medical issues and more specifically, to help people with muscle wasting issues. This androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) is known to help offer weight gain, it fights off with protein catabolism and also can help with other purposes.

But, nowadays Oxandrolone is mainly used by bodybuilders and especially by female bodybuilders because this is the most famous steroid among females and that’s why it got nicknamed “girls steroid”.

This product is extremely famous because of its great effectiveness in combination with mild side effects. The product is considered one of the safest steroids you can ever use. This is the reason why steroid beginners and females often resort to Oxandrolone compounds. But more advanced steroid users still prefer this drug.

What Does Anavar Do? | What is Oxandrolone Used For? Oxano-lab 20

As it was mentioned, this product was designed to help people suffering from various weight issues in terms of abnormal weight loss. The product can greatly help promote weight gains in different situations, it is a product which greatly helps with protein catabolism that is caused by long term corticosteroid therapy but it has other uses such as helping to treat bone pain associated with osteoporosis, it can help the development of girls with Turner syndrome, recovery from severe burns as well as other uses.

Anyway, this product is better known thanks to its muscle building effects. Steroid users taking Oxandrolone compounds can notice a lot of high quality / clean muscle gains. This steroid is a lot much more anabolic than androgenic and this is the reason why women and those men who do not need harsh steroid cycles are using this compound. Another advantage is that Anavar is having low hepatotoxicity compared to most other oral anabolic steroids.

Oxandrolone has an Anabolic : Androgenic ratio of 320:25 and that’s a huge advantage for most people. This stuff is working pretty much in the same way as most other steroids. It is an agonist of the androgen receptor, being similar to the androgens such as testosterone as well as dihydrotestosterone. By activating the androgen receptor (AR), this is going to stimulate protein synthesis and a number of other processes helping with lean body mass gains, increases in bone mineral density as well as muscle growth.

Plus to all of that, Oxandrolone can reduce thyroid binding globulin as well as it can increase thyroid binding Pre- albumin that would get to increased T3 being used.

Taking in consideration Oxano-lab 20 is a very high quality, pure and clean product, Oxandrolone (main ingredient) received from this steroid is going to do a great job in helping you with all processes.

How to Take Anavar? | Anavar Cycle | Oxandrolone / Anavar Dosage

Oxano-lab 20 which might be better known as Anavar is coming in form of tablets meaning that you should use them orally. It has a bioavailability of 97% meaning that most dosage you are using – is absorbed by your body and a protein binding of up to 97% making this steroid very potent.

Remember that Oxandrolone, although much less hepatotoxic compared to other oral steroids, is still dangerous for your liver especially if abused or used for prolonged periods. That’s why a cycle with Oxandrolone for both men and women shouldn’t ever go over 8 weeks, but using it less (4-6 weeks) would be safer.

Doses for women are generally much less compared to men. They usually do not need anything else more than 5-10 mg. Few women go over 20 mg a day but they risk with getting side effects. Usually, their cycles last 2-4 weeks.

Doses for men are anywhere between 20 to 40 mg a day most often. Some people decide to use anywhere between 50 to 80 mg a day for more intense muscle growth. Doses higher than 80 mg a day comes with a set of side effects.

This product is most often used in Cutting Stacks. That’s why it is often stacked with Trenbolone or Masteron, or even Clenbuterol.

Oxano-lab 20 – Oxandrolone Side Effects

As it was mentioned, this product is considered one of the safest steroids out there because the side effects are considered much less and milder compared to most other steroids out there. This is a huge advantage of Oxandrolone compounds BUT it doesn’t mean that the product is safe to use.

Although is safer to use Oxandrolone compared to other compounds, using it for prolonged periods of time or in abusive quantities – side effects are guaranteed. Most women needing steroids would often see recommendations of Anavar (Oxandrolone) over any other steroids. But, they should know that virilization is still possible! Pretty much as androgenic side effects for men, but such side effects are generally going away as soon as you stop. Plus, they are not as harsh compared to other steroids.

Natural testosterone suppression is also a side effect, but also not as harsh. Plus, it has no estrogenic side effects because Oxandrolone does not aromatize. Cardiovascular / cholesterol negative effects on the body are possible too – but then again, much milder. Exactly as with hepatotoxicity – elevated liver enzymes were noticed only by people using it for too long or in doses too high.

Where to Buy Anavar (Oxandrolone)? | Anavar for Sale

Anavar or Oxano-lab 20 containing Oxandrolone can be purchased directly from this page on our website for receiving a very high quality Oxandrolone manufactured by 7Lab Pharma.

Anavar – Oxandrolone is one of the most famous steroid out there and that’s because the product is highly favored by both men and women as well as both steroid beginners as well as steroid veterans!

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