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What is Oxandrolone? | What is Anavar?

Oxandrolon is the trade name of the active substance with a very similar name – Oxandrolone, a product manufactured by BodyPharm which is a pharmaceutical company oriented in selling high quality products designed to help with physique and performance enhancement.

Oxandrolone is the active ingredient in this product but Oxandrolone might be better known by its other more famous brand name called Anavar. Or most people call it shortly – Var.

This is an oral anabolic steroid which is extremely famous and very used among bodybuilders but especially is popular for women because this is considered a mild steroid and is one of the very few steroids out there which women can use. So Anavar containing Oxandrolone is a very famous oral anabolic steroid that is mainly used by women and steroid beginners since is a mild and yet an effective steroid. Nonetheless, the product is still used by many professional steroid users.

Except for being a very popular product for physique and performance enhancement purposes, the product was originally used for medical purposes, like most anabolic steroids.

This steroid was firstly described way back in 1962 and is a derivative of DHT oral steroid. Remember that although the product is considered mild (compared to others such as Anadrol or Dianabol), you should still respect this steroid and use it properly.

The product has an anabolic rating of 322 – 630 and androgenic rating 24 with a half life of 9 hours but detection time of 3 weeks.

What is Oxandrolone Used For? | How Does Oxandrolone Work? | What Does Anavar Do?

Oxandrolone (sold as Anavar but BodyPharm offers it as Oxandrolon for a much cheaper price) used to be a medication to help promote weight gain in different situations. The product is a really good medication for fighting off protein catabolism, for recovery from severe burns as well as to treat bone pain that is associated with osteoporosis including other indications as well. Being a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid, it is an agonist of the androgen receptor of targets like dihydrotestosterone as well as testosterone.

Anyway, bodybuilders are searching for Oxandrolone compounds (such as Var – Anavar and Oxandrolon) for its muscle building properties. The product is a lot much more anabolic than androgenic and this is the main reason why is a preferred steroid by women.

The product is working by binding to the androgen receptor and therefore is stimulating protein synthesis which leads to an increase in muscle growth, lean body mass as well as bone mineral density. Except for all those benefits, the product is also increasing the users’ strengths, offers a really good growth of muscles – quality muscles, is also helping a lot to lose weight by burning fat and is also increasing the production of growth hormone.

Oxandrolone Dosage | Anavar Cycle | Anavar Dosage | How to Take Anavar?

The recommended dosage for Anavar (Oxandrolone) for men looking to increase their physique and performance is a dosage anywhere in the range of 20 to 80 mg on a daily basis because of the short half life. In fact, many people want to split up the total daily dosage in 2 even doses per day because of the short 9 hours half life.

Also, because of the fact that is an oral steroid which is C17 alpha alkylated, this means that the steroid is hepatotoxic, users tend to use it no longer than 8 weeks, however using it less (5-6 weeks) would be safer for your liver.

The dosages for women are much lower – approximately 10 or maximum 20 mg per day and that’s because of the probability to get virilizing side effects. Although chances are much lower compared to other steroids, they are still possible.

Pretty much as with any other oral steroidsOxandrolone is going to be best used when used with at least one injectable steroid, for example – Testosterone. These 2 products are working very synergic and offering very good effects.

Many people think that Anavar (Oxandrolone) should be taken in high doses for making it effective because is considered a mild steroid. That’s definitely not true. Most people find a good dosing range between 25 to 80 mg a day while most find out that using 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg before training is the best (total 50 mg daily).

A good cutting cycles would be: 6 weeks with anavar 50 mg daily, winstrol 50 mg daily, 20 mg a day of cardarine, 7 caps a day of N2Guard or other supplements. But as said, it works amazing with injectables too: 50 mg a day of Anavar, 400 mg a week of Testosterone Cypionate (for example), 20 mg a day of Cardarine, 10 mg a day of Aromasin and 7 caps a day of N2Guard.

Both cycles are for men. In both situations (or any other cycle) you need to include a good PCT.

Oxandrolone Side Effects | Anavar Side Effects

As it was mentioned – a huge advantage of Oxandrolone is the fact that it is considered a mild steroid. Side effects would be much milder compared to other steroids and side effects are highly dependable on dosage and personal tolerance.

It cannot convert into estrogen so estrogenic side effects are not a problem. Natural testosterone production inhibition, hepatotoxicity, virilizing side effects, androgenic side effects and cholesterol/ cardiovascular side effects are all possible with Anavar (Oxandrolone) but they are very mild.

Getting side effects is still possible, but it won’t have as much and as intense side effects compared to many other steroids.

Where to Buy Oxandrolone? | Where to Buy Anavar?

Oxandrolone can be purchased directly from this page on for a very attractive price. We are official distributors of BodyPharm products meaning that Oxandrolon offering Oxandrolone as main ingredient is going to be a real and authentic product from this pharmacy, and also – you would find it for the best possible price by purchasing it from our website.

Oxandrolone is an extremely famous and widely used oral anabolic steroid for many different reasons. The best known characteristic of Oxandrolone is that this steroid is very mild in terms of side effects while is still super effective. Also, most women deciding to go after a steroid, they decide to take Oxandrolone.


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