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What is Nolvadex? | What is Tamoxifen? | Tamoxifen Citrate

Nolvadex is by far the most famous and well known brand of the Anti Estrogenic medication with the active substance Tamoxifen or full name – Tamoxifen Citrate. This is by far one of the most famous anti estrogenic medication out there and is one of the bodybuilder’s favorite SERMs. Regardless if you’re running anabolic androgenic steroids or prohormones or many other Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), you would require a good Post Cycle Therapy and a really good PCT medicine is Nolvadex containing Tamoxifen Citrate.

As mentioned, this is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and alongside with Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) these 2 class of drugs are forming up anti estrogens. The 2 classes of drugs are known to deal with the high estrogen levels and controlling the estrogen, however they are different in the mechanism of action and how they are dealing with the issues of estrogen control.

Nonetheless, Clomid and Nolvadex (both SERMs) do no serve to lower the estrogen levels and we would get to this point later on.

This product is medically used for preventing and treating breast cancer but why do bodybuilders need such a product? Either to deal with estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia but in most cases is being used as a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medication which was earlier mentioned.

This product is manufactured by Dragon Pharma and this pharmaceutical company offers this product for a much attractive price than those in local pharmacies or anywhere else online. It comes in forms of tablets taken by mouth.

This product was created in 1962 and is nowadays on WHO’s list of essential medicines but mainly for breast cancer issues. For bodybuilders, Nolvadex serves as one of the most preferred medication during a PCT plan.

What Does Nolvadex Do? | How Does Tamoxifen Work? | Tamoxifen Mechanism of Action?

There’s a good chance that Nolvadex is one of the best products for a good Post Cycle Therapy plan. The product is very helpful in treating and preventing breast cancer as well as gynecomastia in men. But it is one of the most effective PCT drugs out there since is an amazing product for restoring natural hormone production and that’s without getting any nasty side effects.

However, the product is working very different from AIs. This stuff is antagonist of the estrogen receptors that it binds to and therefore preventing the active estrogen from binding in its place. AIs, on the other hand, are actually reducing the flow of the estrogen in the body.

But since it blocks the bind of the estrogen in some selective tissues (like breasts) it considered very effective as an anti gynecomastia drug. That’s why, when used for this purpose, it should be used during the cycle of steroids. However, when is used during the PCT – it is taken after the cycle ends.

Why is important to have a PCT? When using anabolic steroids – your body “thinks” you get too much hormones and therefore it stops producing them on its own – this sends your LH to almost zero. The PCT is helping to recover the body HPTA and LH as well as FSH to their normal state faster.

Tamoxifen is stimulating hypophysis for releasing more gonadotropins and these are the hormones that stimulate faster and higher release of LH and FSH which therefore raise your total testosterone levels.

How to Take Nolvadex? | Administration of Tamoxifen Citrate

When Nolvadex is used during the steroid cycle as a form of anti gynecomastia, doses are usually anywhere between 20 to 80 mg a day taken every day during the entire steroid cycle. Such medications are important only during the administration with aromatizable compounds.

Keep in mind that there are some medical reports suggesting that Nolvadex is up regulating progestin receptors and that’s why, we would recommend to stay away from progestin compounds such as Nandrolone or Trenbolone while using Nolvadex or vice versa.

The half life of NolvadexTamoxifen, is around 7 days, nonetheless, it still should be taken on a daily basis regardless what’s your purpose of using it.

If you’re using it for PCT, most people prefer doses anywhere between 10 mg to 40 mg a day or every other day. The dosage highly depends on how harsh the steroid cycle was and that’s why we can assume that dosage is highly dependent on the steroid cycle.

But most often, Nolvadex is taken for 4 weeks as a PCT and most often the first 2 weeks 40 mg a day and last 2 weeks – 20 mg a day. But then again, you might be good with lower doses. It very much depends on a number of factors. Other people combine Nolvadex with Clomid using 4 weeks of Nolvadex 20 mg and Clomid 50 mg per day as a PCT.

Nolvadex Side Effects | Tamoxifen Side Effects | Side Effects of Tamoxifen

Some of the reported side effects of Nolvadex include headache, hot flashes and stomach issues as being the most common side effects of Tamoxifen uses. Other than that, some people suggest that it increases libido, other suggests that it reduces libido. Maybe it is dosing and tolerance related.

Other than that, progestin side effects might appear if used alongside with other progestin compounds as I earlier mentioned.

There are other side effects which seem more dangerous but they are practically non existent and not worth being worried about for male users who take it for a couple of weeks as an anti gynecomastia treatment or PCT. Other side effects are generally affecting women using higher doses of this product for many years for breast cancer.

Male users of Nolvadex rarely report getting any side effects and in fact, not using this product you are much more likely to get some bothering side effects compared to when using it.

Where to Buy Nolvadex For Sale? | Where to Buy Tamoxifen

Nolvadex containing Tamoxifen Citrate can be purchased from for a discounted price. Nolvadex from Dragon Pharma is a product on sale which is offered for a very low price. Therefore, customers are allowed to get it at the lowest price they can find online. Also, you are ensured to get genuine product from this pharmacy as we are official distributors of their products.

It is very important for any anabolic steroid user to have Nolvadex handy. They can use it as a form of anti gynecomastia but in most cases is being used as a form of Post Cycle Therapy stack with or without Clomid. As mentioned, this product is very safe and very effective. As a conclusion you should know that using Nolvadex is very important when using anabolic steroids, not doing so you risk getting bad side effects.

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