Substance: Methyltrienolone
Manufacturer: Ice Pharmaceuticals
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What is Oral Tren? | What is Metribolone (Methyltrienolone)? | MT ICE

MT ICE is the brand name of the active substance Metribolone which also might be known as Methyltrienolone and a product manufactured by Ice Pharmaceuticals. MT ICE might be better known by some people as Oral Tren as both products are the same containing same active substance.

The difference is that MT Ice is manufactured by Ice Pharmaceuticals – a famous pharmaceutical company that got reputation online of customers and retailers because they are known to offer high quality medications for low prices.

Metribolone found in MT Ice is a synthetic and orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) and is known to be a derivative of 17 alpha alkylated nandrolone. This compound never had any medical uses, however it has been very widely used in different scientific researches as a hot ligand in the androgen receptor.

To be more specific, Metribolone is a 17 alpha methylated derivative of trenbolone and due to the fact that is coming in form of oral tablets, it got the nickname Oral Tren. The product was originally developed many years ago in 1960s for treating advanced breast cancer conditions, nonetheless, the compound got discontinued because it was noticed to offer quite some bad side effects, and especially when it comes to liver issues.

Yet, this haven’t stopped bodybuilders and athletes to experiment with this steroid, pretty much as with many other steroids. The product is not considered very popular because of its side effects and because of its rarity. Nonetheless, some people still use it for physique and performance enhancement purposes as is an extremely powerful oral steroid.

What is Methyltrienolone Used For? | Oral Tren Effectiveness | MT ICE

As it was mentioned, Methyltrienolone or Metribolone found in MT Ice or known as Oral Tren, never has any medical uses and is not very popular for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Nonetheless, the product is still searched by some people as this is a very powerful steroid which is used with great success for such purposes, but it should be used with extremely big care.

The product got a bit of popularity back in 2008 when at Beijing Olympic Games, a total of 15 members of those games have tested positive for this compound. Since then, some people experimented with it and they found this compound to be extremely effective, yet make sure to use it properly.

Metribolone found in MT Ice does not aromatize and therefore it cannot convert into estrogen. Being an anabolic and androgenic steroid, this compound is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR) and is having a very huge anabolic and androgenic activity.

According to the researches done, this powerful steroid is considered to be one of the most potent AAS ever synthesized, approximately 120 to 300 times the oral anabolic potency and about 60 to 70 times the androgenic potency of the AAS methyltestosterone.

There are people suggesting they got amazing results while other suggest that the things on paper are misleading. One thing that we know for sure is that on paper, metribolone sounds to be like the most powerful and strong stuff ever created.

The product indeed might be extremely powerful and super potent, yet you still need to be very careful. The more potent a product is, usually, the more beneficial it gets, but more dangerous as well with harsher side effects.

Methyltrienolone Dosage | How To Take Methyltrienolone | MT ICE

Methyltrienolone or Metribolone found in MT Ice is such a powerful compound that you really need to know what are you doing with this compound. By using way too much, you are definitely risk getting bad side effects. This is the reason why dosages with such a compound should be extremely conservative.

Metribolone needs to be used with very big care. Women should not use this compound in absolutely no way or method. Only men can use this compound and only those men who are already having enough experience steroids in general.

Doses should be kept very low at about 0.5 mg a day to absolutely maximum 5 mg a day, but even such a dosage is going to be too much for some. In fact, we would recommend about maximum 2 mg a day and getting over this dosage only by those who have experience enough.

Such doses like 20 or even 30 mg a day like with Dianabol are going to offer huge side effects that are going to result in very nasty health issues. Do not even think to try such doses.

Due to the fact that Methyltrienolone is such a hepatotoxic product (extremely), the cycle length duration should not ever exceed 3 or maximum 4 weeks. Do not even think about 6 or even 8 weeks cycle length. We would recommend to start with 1 mg for 2 weeks.

Methyltrienolone Side Effects | Side Effects of Oral Tren | MT ICE

Hepatotoxicity is the worst side effect of MT Ice containing Methyltrienolone or Metribolone and this is one of the biggest reason why doses should be kept low, cycle length short and why this product, generally, isn’t as famous and popular as others.

Other than huge hepatotoxic issues, the product is offering all other usual side effects of anabolic and androgenic steroids such as oily skin, acne, hair loss, virilizing for women is nearly guaranteed so they should avoid this product, natural testosterone production for men would get inhibited and others.

This compound, being a nandrolone derivative from trenbolone, is not converting into estrogen, however this can be very tricky. Trenbolone itself cannot convert into estrogen, but due to high progestin activity, such side effect like gynecomastia can still occur. The same applies for this specific product.

It is very important to run an extremely good liver supporting supplement taken at high doses when using this compound. This is most likely the most liver toxic steroid that exists, so you really need to use it with very big care.

Use supplements, have a healthy diet and lifestyle and never exceed the dosage if you really want to get rid of the side effects.

Buy Methyltrienolone / Metribolone | Where to Buy Oral Tren? | MT ICE

Methyltrienolone or Metribolone that is found in MT Ice and better known as Oral Tren can be purchased directly from this page on this website because we are official distributors of Ice Pharmaceuticals – the company that is manufacturing this compound. This makes sure that you would always receive only genuine products for a very high quality and high purity all for a very low prices and we offer huge discounts.

This compound is not very popular but is perhaps the most powerful AAS that you can find. Obviously, a very powerful steroid can be extremely helpful but in the same time, it can be very dangerous. Make sure to use it properly if you want to stay away from side effects which can be very nasty with such a powerful compound.


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