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Substance: Modafinil
Manufacturer: Sun Pharma Sikkim Pvt
Pack: 30 tabs (100mg/tab)

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What is Modalert 100 mg? | What is Provigil?

Modalert 100 mg is the brand name of the active substance that is containing the exact same name but the product might be better known as Provigil which is another brand name of Modafinil and there are some others such as Alertec, Modavigil and others. This is a medication that is used for treating sleepiness because of a number of factors such as SWSD (Shift Work Sleep Disorder); OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) as well as narcolepsy.

This product is coming in form of tablets and is taken by mouth. Modalert 100 mg is manufactured by Gen Shi Laboratories and if you’re wondering what’s the difference between Modalert 100 mg brand name and Provigil or other brand names there’s actually none except for the laboratories manufacturing them and the price. In the end, they all receive as active substance Modalert 100 mg. However, good news is that Gen Shi Laboratories is offering Modalert 100 mg mg for a very low price.

This medication has been approved many years ago in 1998 and in most countries is a medication that can be obtained only by a prescription. The medication is used for improving wakefulness in adults for those who were diagnosed with some of the sleep issues mentioned earlier.

Off label, the product is used as a purported cognitive enhancer, however is not very clear if the product is effective for this purpose.

What does it have to do with bodybuilding? It is being used and often, unfortunately, abused by athletes and those people with such professions that need non stop alertness. Currently, WADA has Modalert 100 mg on their banned list of medications.

The product was and is still being used as an alternative for amphetamines. The product is popular among people who require to be always awake and focused such as pilots, astronauts and others. It managed to become popular for bodybuilders as well.

How Provigil Works? | What is Modalert 100 mg Used For?

As mentioned, Modafinil is being medically used for people who are suffering with different sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, SWSD or OSA. But the product is also used by many people with different professions who should not sleep. Off label uses also can include: people diagnosed with ADHD, multiple sclerosis, helping with cocaine dependency as well as those people with psychiatric disorders like for example bipolar, depression and others.

Why would bodybuilders need it? well, Provigil – Modalert 100 mg has been proven to prolong the exercise time to exhaustion in the time that the user is performing at 85% of VO2max and is reducing the perception of effort that is required to maintain that threshold.

Other than that, there are studies on Modalert 100 mg which is showing that it may be effective for weight loss purposes and that’s because it would help reduce the appetite and this obviously helps with losing weight. It was noticed that the users have decreased calories by approximately up to 38% on a dosage of 400 mg a day.

Modalert 100 mg is working as an atypical selective as well as weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor that is indirectly activating the release of the orexin neuropeptides as well as histamine from the lateral hypothalamus as well as tuberomammillary nucleus. It is having some DAT independent actions as well as acting as a dopamine transporter blocker including a D2 receptor partial agonist.

How Long Does Modalert 100 mg Last? | How Long Does Provigil Last?

Taking in consideration that Modalert 100 mg – Provigil is an orally active medication, this agent is considered to have quite a long half life which is anywhere around 12 to 15 hours. With this being said, is quite safe to say that a single dose of this product is going to remain in the system for quite a while.

This is a perfect thing for those people who want to stay awake for long periods of time as they only need a single administration for long effectiveness. We can safely assume that the product won’t work less than about 20 hours.

How to Use Modalert 100 mg? | Modalert 100 mg Dosage | Provigil Administration

As mentioned, Modalert 100 mg is coming in form of tablets and it should be taken by mouth, usually is given once a day and is obvious that the product should be taken in the morning the first then when the individual wakes up, otherwise insomnia might occur.

If the product is prescribed to patients, we recommend to use it exactly as said by the doctor. Most cases, dosages for medical patients are about 200 mg a day, once a day, with only some requiring doses as 400 mg in a single administration.

However, when the product is taken by athletes, this product is not recommended to be taken on a daily basis. Modalert 100 mg is usually used only the individual feels that they need to stay alert and focused for that day. Doses fall in the range of 200-400 for most of them, usually taken in the morning for offering alertness for the training with those who train at night administering Modalert 100 mg in the afternoon.

Modalert 100 mg Side Effects | Provigil Side Effects

The worst side effect of Modalert 100 mg – Provigil is the addiction. This medication is addictive and should be used with big care, it shouldn’t be ever abused. Modalert 100 mg possesses dependence liability because of its effects on the dopamine in the brain.

The product is considered very addictive and it should never be abused with overdoses or used for longer periods of time.

Other side effects of Modafinil are including: headaches; nausea, tremors, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, sweating as well as sensitivity to heat. These are the most common side effects.

However, there are rarer but more serious side effects such as allergic reactions like rash, swelling, shortness of breath, hives etc., heart issues; severe anxiety and severe nausea. It may have negative effects on your kidney and liver as is toxic in extremely high doses.

There are no reported cases of deaths due to overdose of Modalert 100 mg, but the product is very addictive so is very recommended to use it carefully.

Where to Buy Modalert 100 mg Generic Online? | How to Get Modalert 100 mg? | How to Get Provigil Generic

Modalert 100 mg can be purchased as a generic form online directly from this page at as the high quality medication offered for a bargain price by Gen Shi Laboratories. Modalert 100 mg is the active substance of this product but so is its brand name. However, it can be known by others as Provigil which is a generic version. This product can be obtained for a low price and you can make sure that we offer only genuine and authentic products for the lowest possible prices.

You can purchase it without any issues directly from this website hassle free. Just make sure to use it properly as it can be addictive. But using it with big care, Modalert 100 mg can be an amazing product that would keep you alert and awake during those days that you need it which would also help you to lose body fat and enhance the effectiveness of your training sessions.


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