Humatrope 18 IU 6 mg



Substance: Somatropin
Manufacturer: Lilly
Pack: 1 x 1.5ml ready-mix solution/box 18 IU 6 mg

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What is Humatrope? | What is Somatropin HGH?

Humatrope is one of the most famous brand names for the synthetically man made Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and is among the most known and used somatotropin products in the world. The product is mainly used to replace the natural HGH, which is naturally produced in the human body by the pituitary gland. Also, this product got really famous in the world of bodybuilding and competitive athletes for its properties to offer huge muscle mass growth and other athletic benefits.

This product Humatrope is manufactured by the very famous big pharmaceutical company Lilly and with this being said, it is quite obvious that such a big pharmaceutical company isn’t going to sell low grade / low quality product as they have a reputation to maintain. By purchasing Humatropin from Lilly, you can expect to get one box containing 1.5 ml of ready-mix solution per box with 18 IU (6 mg).

Although the product might be a bit more expensive compared to other Somatropin products, it has its advantages: one of them includes the fact that Humatrope is made by Lilly and therefore you shouldn’t be worried about the quality. Second, it comes in a ready mix solution box and you shouldn’t be concerned with needles.

However, is extremely important to purchase Humatrope from Lilly only from credible sources like because there are a lot of counterfeits – underground laboratories which offer fake products under the name of Humatrope.

Humatrope Analysis

Humatrope is an extremely high quality product. This product is manufactured by one of the most famous pharmaceutical company and the purity of this product shouldn’t be less than 98.5 % which means that it has a great level of cleanliness and this means that you are going to receive a great level of HGH per iu, compared to other trade names and brands of somatropins. There are experiments in which people reported that a brand of somatropin (HGH) is twice or even thrice lower the level of another brand of somatropin (HGH) like Humatrope per IU used.

Humatropin, needless to mention, is 191 AA (amino acids) which is the exact same structure as the naturally made growth hormone. There are lower quality products with 192 AA (amino acids) which are close to naturally made growth hormone but not identical. This means that the body is taking it as an “intruder” and would want to get rid of it. This doesn’t happen with Humatrope or any other 191 AA because this structure is similar to natural HGH produced in the body and therefore the side effects risks is minimal. Your body cannot see the difference between the natural GH you produce and the synthetic HGH you receive from using Humatrope.

Lilly is a pharmaceutical company that uses the most sterile and the greatest technologies in the producing of synthetic somatropins – Humatrope. Their technologies and absolutely everything used in the manufacturing of Humatrope HGH is perfect allowing for a prolonged shelf life and a better/ purer product.

In the end, Humatrope is a perfect Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is known as somatropin which is extremely effective for bodybuilders and their athletic needs as well as people/ children suffering from low HGH levels.

What is Humatrope Used For? Effects of Somatropin

Humatrope is most often used in the clinical settings, given as a prescription product to people who need Growth Hormone. It can be given to children who are having growth issues or it can be prescribed to adults who are suffering from low growth hormone levels due to whatever the reason.

All in all, Humatrope (as any other high quality somatropin) is having a number of different effects and benefits. For example, this product is able to promote protein synthesis in the user’s body. It also can regulate lipometabolism increasing the overall metabolism, increases immunesystem, improves the total growth hormone levels in the body, is stimulating proliferation of collagenocyte and has many other benefits.

While using Humatrope, some of the best and most noticeable effects include: making your muscle mass grow, strengthens your muscles, is improving the general state of well being by offering more energy, more stamina and offers more endurance. Users are getting a great help with losing body fat and they also help with bone density fight off with osteoporosis. Humatrope can help even with bad mood and depression, it can help with skin health and hair health and plus to that, it can even help with libido. Using Human Growth Hormone is having a number of different benefits.

Humatrope (Somatropin) can help with many different things, it very much depends on what exactly you are searching for and what’s the dosage that you are using.

How To Use Humatrope? | Somatropin HGH Dosage / Administration

Humatrope should be used daily or at least once in 2 days if you want it to be effective. Most often, Humatrope (or any other HGH) is used from once every other day to 3 times a day most often. A full cycle with HGH would be anywhere between 3 to 4 months. Some use it for half a year (6 months). The starting point should be 4 to 6 IU a day. This dosage should be started by those who are newbies with HGH.

Go up to 10 or 12 IU a day if you are a professional athlete. There are people using doses as high as 20 or even 30 IU a day, but that’s not recommended, especially if you’re not a professional. If Humatrope was prescribed by your doctor – take it exactly as prescribed.

Humatrope – Somatropin (HGH) Side Effects

The side effects of Humatrope are exactly the same as with any other Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin) product out there. Generally, the side effects are unlike to occur if you’re going to take normal doses but the side effects might very well occur if you take way too much doses.

Side effects of Humatrope include: slight headache and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, abnormal internal organs growth, cholesterol issues, might develop diabetes, numbness and tingling and others.

Buy Somatropin | Where To Buy Humatrope?

Somatropin is an extremely helpful product for those who need Growth Hormone and to bodybuilders who need to grow muscles.

You can purchase Humatrope from our website safely as you are guaranteed to get the lowest possible price for this genuine product from famous brand – Lilly.


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Humatrope 18 IU 6 mg
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