DHB – 150

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Substance: Dihydroboldenone
Manufacturer: Aaster Health and Sports Solutions
Pack: 10ml vial (150mg/ml)

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What is DHB – 150? | What is Dihydroboldenone? | 1-testosterone

There’s a steroid that is considered very powerful but is very often confused with Boldenone. The steroid we are going to talk about is Dihydroboldenone and is a product coming in dose of 150 mg per ml. Therefore the product got the name DHB (shortly from Dihydroboldenone) and 150 from its dosage.

The product named DHB-150 is a steroid manufactured by Aaster Health and Sports Solutions which is a pharmaceutical company that is manufacturing and developing high quality medications designed to help people searching for physique and performance improvements.

DHB-150 is a product offering Dihydroboldenone as the main ingredient but often people confuse Dihydroboldenone with Boldenone and that’s a mistake that shouldn’t be made. Dihydroboldenone is also known as 1-testosterone (which is also confused with simply testosterone that is not true) and is nicknamed 1-testo or 1-T. This is a synthetic anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has some structural changes making it different from testosterone.

This product is having some unique properties and they are making the product different from other steroids and those specific properties is what some bodybuilders are searching for.

By doing some research on DHB (Dihydroboldenone), it was noticed that it has a favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio which is 200:100. With this being said, dihydroboldenone is twice as anabolic as testosterone is and that’s a big advantage. But in the same time, the ratios of the steroids can often be misleading and that’s why we shouldn’t pay attention only to these numbers.

You may wonder why it has such a close name to Boldenone known as Equipoise. Well, that’s because Dihydroboldenone is 5alpha reduced form of Boldenone but it is working in a very different way. With this being said, the product is like a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) version of Boldenone.

With this being said, we have a product that is twice as anabolic compared to testosterone and is generally a product more anabolic compared to many other steroids and in addition to all of that, it does not aromatize. Therefore we get big anabolic activity without estrogenic activity meaning no water retention or gynecomastia would appear.

Experiences with DHB – 150 – Dihydroboldenone

It seems like Dihydroboldenone (DHB-150) is perfect in terms of anabolic activity and no aromatization and yet few people use it compared to other steroids, many people may wonder why?

There are a number of factors which led to dihydroboldenone not being as popular as other steroids but one of the most important factors is the Prominent Post Injection Pain offered by this product to some users. Anyway, this shouldn’t be something that should make you avoid DHB-150 because there are methods to deal with this problem. You can dilute the oil with some other compound of your choice, for example. There are other methods as well mentioned by some users.

That’s why we wouldn’t recommend avoiding DHB-150 only because it is not as famous as other products. There are a lot of people suggesting that DHB-150 (dihydroboldenone or 1-testosterone) is having thermogenic properties that are very similar to those of trenbolone. While this can be very helpful, some side effects like insomnia and sweating can be expected.

In the same time, this compound is having the ability to offer amazing strength and muscle gains without offering the puffy look to your muscles or interfering with your appetite.

In most situations DHB is being tied with cypionate ester and for this reason the half life in such a situation would be 8 to 10 days. Anyway, most people reported to have the best results while injecting this compound approximately every 4-6 days. Keep in mind that as soon as you stop using it, approximately 4-5 weeks are required until it would flush out of your system.

Remember that DHB-150 can also be found in other esters as well, like Propionate or others. That’s why the injection frequency and how much time it requires to get flushed out of your system depends on the ester used.

Dosage of Dihydroboldenone – 1-testosterone

In most cases, Dihydroboldenone or 1-testosterone compounds (found in DHB-150) are taken after users usually kick start their cycles with some oral steroids. After that, they add DHB 150 stacked to the oral compound at the dosage of anywhere between (in most cases) 400 to 500 mg a week and also added with some long esterified testosterone form.

It is very important to add some AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) and not because of the DHB-150 because as mentioned – the product is not aromatizing, but because of the testosterone and depending on the oral compound you choose. Using some support supplements is very recommended too.

Female users are not recommended to use DHB because of the virilization side effects. But some might still want to do so and that’s why we recommend a dosage as low as 25 mg a week and only if needed work their way up to maximum 75 mg a week. DHB-150 is not a weak steroid, use it accordingly.

Side effects of DHB-150 | Side Effects of Dihydroboldenone

As it was earlier mentioned, DHB-150 containing dihydroboldenone cannot aromatize and because of this, estrogenic side effects like for example water retention, gynecomastia, depression etc. cannot occur. But many people still choose to stack it with aromatizable compounds so you still may need Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs).

Other thing mentioned – this compound has an androgenic ratio of 100 and this means that androgenic side effects are definitely possible to appear. Virilization for women is very possible especially with large doses, men may experience aggression, acne, oily skin, hair loss and others.

Other than that, the product may have negative effects on the cardiovascular health and cholesterol health, that’s why is important to have supplements handy. Plus, as any other steroids, this compound can suppress natural testosterone production and that’s why is so important to have a Post Cycle Therapy plan at the end of the cycle.

Side effects are very closely related to the dosage so keep normal doses. Side effects are more closely related to Equipoise and they are not as bad compared to Trenbolone. Yet, the product shouldn’t be abused under no circumstances.

Where to Buy DHB-150?

DHB-150 manufactured by Aaster Health and Sports Solutions is a product containing Dihydroboldenone (or known as 1-testosterone nicknamed 1-Testo) is a product that is having the effectiveness of Trenbolone (which is one of the most powerful compounds out there) and side effects of Equipoise (which is very well tolerated by most people) and that’s why you can get amazing benefits out of using this product. makes sure you would receive a high quality steroid for a very low price and since customers’ satisfaction is our top priority – you won’t regret getting this high quality stuff.

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