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What is Aromasin – lab? | What is Exemestane?

Aromasin-lab is the trade name of the active substance named Exemestane and this is a product that might be better known by its much more famous brand name simply – Aromasin. This product is mainly used to treat breast cancer in medical settings, nonetheless, it got very popular for the steroid users as a method to deal with high estrogenic related side effects. The product is a member of the class of Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) which, together with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) make an even wider class of drugs known as anti estrogens.

The product is manufactured by 7Lab Pharma – a company oriented in manufacturing and developing products for steroid users, including steroids, HGH and others. The product is used for receptive positive breast cancers (cancers that require estrogen to grow) or as a preventative product for breast cancer but for bodybuilders is a product dealing with high estrogen.

Keep in mind that Aromasin is a very powerful and strong steroidal aromatase inhibitor of the suicidal type. There are studies suggesting that Exemestane can reduce the estrogen levels by up to 85%! This is why, the product got very popular all over the world for many different reasons.

Aromasin-lab is the same product as Aromasin – both are trade names for active substance Exemestane which is a great Aromatase Inhibitor product. This product is made by 7Lab Pharma and you can obtain it for an extremely low price from our website. You can expect getting a pack of 50 tablets containing 25 mg of Exemestane each.

What is Aromasin Used For? | What is Exemestane Used For?

As mentioned, Aromasin (Exemestane) is used in clinical settings as a treatment and a preventative medication for hormone positive breast cancer. Most often, Exemestane is given as a treatment of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women whose cancer has grown after the therapy with Tamoxifen.

However, for the steroid users – the product is a great estrogen inhibitor. There are some certain anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) which can convert to the estrogen in the body because of the aromatization process. Good examples of aromatizable steroids (that tend to aromatize the most) include: all testosterone esters, dianabol, deca durinabol, nandrolones and boldenone as well as others.

By cycling with such steroids and not controlling the estrogen with Aromatase Inhibitors like Aromasin, you get a high risk of having several estrogen related side effects such as: water retention (bloating, looking full), gynecomastia (bitch tits) and others.

Aromasin (Exemestane) come handy by inhibiting the aromatization process. It is acting like a false substrate for the aromatase enzyme and is processed to an intermediate which is binding irreversibly to the active site of the enzyme and therefore this is resulting in the inactivation.

How Long Does Exemestane Stay in Your System?

In order to understand how long does Exemestane stay in your system, you need to understand what is half life of a product. The half life is half of the time in which the product is flushed out of the body. This means that the active life of the substance in the body is twice the time of half life.

Well, according to some studies, the half life of the product is approximately 24 to 27 hours. As a result, it would stay active in the body for approximately 2 days meaning that you can use it once a day or once every other day with good results.

Keep in mind that detection time for Exemestane is longer than 2 days – approximately 2 weeks.

Aromasin Dosage | Exemestane Dosage | Administration of Aromasin-lab

Aromasin (Exemestane) is a very powerful product and that’s why you shouldn’t be playing around with this product. In the medical settings, this stuff is used to treat post menopausal breast cancer patients and that’s why, if you’ve got prescribed Exemstane, use it exact as mentioned by your doctor. Usually that’s 25 mg a day, but still do exactly as your doctor told you take it.

For controlling gynecomastia and total estrogen levels during the cycles with steroids, most steroid users report that they achieve great success at doses anywhere between 12.5 mg a day to 25 mg a day. We recommend to start slowly and use 12.5 mg every other day. If not helpful – use either 25 mg every other day or 12.5 mg every day. If this is still not helpful, go up to 25 mg (one tablet) every single day. That’s going to be enough for most people, even for more experienced anabolic steroid users on pretty high steroid doses.

Doses of Aromasin are generally steroid dose dependent, personal tolerance etc.

Some people add Aromasin for Post Cycle Therapy. A dosage of 25 mg a day for no longer than 4 weeks is going to do a good job. Some people also add Nolvadex to their PCT plans with Exemestane.

Aromasin-lab (Aromasin) Side Effects | Exemestane Side Effects

Aromasin (Exemestane) is considered to be a fairly side effects friendly product for most people using it. However, taking in consideration of using Aromasin (Exemestane) in bodybuilding for steroid use, side effects of Aromasin are even rarer. Do not take too high doses or you would inhibit too much estrogen resulting in too low estrogen levels. This might lead to low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression and others.

But side effects of Exemestane usually include: hot flashes and sweating. You might also have joint pains, nausea and fatigue, insomnia and headaches. But most side effects are noticed only by breast cancer patients using it in higher doses for prolonged periods of time.

Where to Buy Aromasin Bodybuilding (Aromasin-lab)? | Where to Buy Aromasin?

Everyone is free to purchase Aromasin (Aromasin-lab) containing Exemestane for Bodybuilding purposes directly from this page on our website You are guaranteed to get the lowest possible price for this product and the highest quality Exemestane. 7Lab Pharma is a GMP authorized pharmacy meaning that the quality is something you definitely shouldn’t be worried about.

Exemestane is an Aromatase Inhibitor which can be a great estrogen controlling stuff used to deal with estrogenic side effects during the steroid cycle and also can be used during PCT. Every steroid user should have Exemestane products like Aromasin-lab handy.

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