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What is Arimidex? | What is Anastrozole?

Arimidex is the brand name of the active substance called Anastrozole but this substance might be sold under other brand names as well. The main function of using Anastrozole is the breast cancer treatment in women but is also used as a preventative medication for breast cancer in men and women. It is used only for hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

This product is offered by Dragon Pharma for a very low price – lower compared to other brands and sources so we recommend this product to those who need it for various needs.

This product is belonging to a category of drugs known as Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) and alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) they make up anti estrogens. Anti estrogens are medications that are dealing with estrogen control but AIs and SERMs are different in how they deal with these issues and in their mechanism of action.

Anastrozole got patented in 1987 and is currently on the WHO’s list of most effective and safe medicines. It is widely known that steroid users need anti estrogens but why do they need them?

Using certain steroids is increasing testosterone levels in the body but a good amount of testosterone is aromatized by the body and converted into estrogen. Too high amounts of estrogen hormone in the body is leading to various side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, depression and even breast cancer (as there are certain types of breast cancers that require estrogen to form and grow).

What is Arimidex Used For? | What is Anastrozole Used For?

Arimidex is being used for treating or preventing breast cancer as it blocks the estrogen production. But bodybuilders are using this product for dealing with estrogenic side effects. Anastrozole is controlling the estrogen during the cycle of anabolic steroids and this is helpful for avoiding gynecomastia, water retention and any other steroids related to too high estrogen levels.

In addition to that, this product is very widely used for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). There are studies proving that Arimidex is great in assisting the generation of endogenous natural testosterone production in males using it.

Mechanism of action of Anastrozole is based on the blocking of the estrogen production by blocking the aromatase enzyme responsible for estrogen production. It is working by reversibly binding to the aromatase enzyme and through the competitive inhibition – this stuff is blocking the conversion of androgens to estrogens in peripheral tissues.

This is why gynecomastia, and hormone positive breast cancer (as well as other estrogen related side effects) are so well controlled when using Arimidex. Make sure that Arimidex is not needed during all steroid cycles because there are steroids which does not aromatize and therefore they cannot convert into estrogen. It is only needed during the administration with “wet” compounds that can aromatize such as: all testosterone esters, deca durabolin, Dianabol, Boldenone and others.

Arimidex Dosage | Arimidex Bodybuilding Dose | Arimidex For Men

Dosages of Arimidex greatly depends on the dosage of your steroid, its aromatization, your personal tolerance to the drug as well as a number of other factors.

General dosages for men are anywhere around 0.5 mg a day or every other day, but again – is very much steroid dose dependent. In the end, most men are finding out that 1 mg a day is absolutely max they need. In fact, dose of 0.5 mg every other day might be too much for some.

We recommend to start slowly and check how your body responds to the drug. The drug has a half life of about 48 hours but the peak blood plasma levels are achieved only after a week of using it. You need to continue using it daily or on every other day basis.

That’s pretty much the dosage requested for both estrogen control during the steroid cycle as well as for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Usually, when used for PCT – you start when the last dose of steroid is flushed out of your body and you start with a higher dose (say 1 mg a day) and after a week or two you drop down to 0.5 mg a day.

Total PCT length is about 4 weeks, but also depends on what steroid cycle you used to use. For controlling estrogen during cycle you need to use it for as long as you cycle with the steroid.

Arimidex Side Effects | Anastrozole Side Effects | Side Effects of Anastrozole

Side effects of Arimidex containing Anastrozole virtually do not exist for a bodybuilder. The side effects are rarely occurring even for women needing it for breast cancer using it in much higher doses and for much more period of time. This is the main reason why it got on the WHO’s list of safest and essential medicines.

Most serious but very rarely side effects which were noticed only by women who were using it for a very long period of time in higher doses include: problems with the liver, osteoporosis as well as reactions to your skin.

Much less serious side effects of Anastrozole but more common (which some bodybuilders might even get them) include: pains in your back, headache, cough, insomnia, inconsistent breathing, general weakness, vomiting and/ or nausea, high blood pressure, rash on skin, anxiety, swelling of lymph nodes and others.

In the end, if you’re a steroid user who needs Anastrozole for controlling estrogen or PCT, there’s a very low chance that you’re going to receive any side effects.

It is important to know that anastrozole might interfere with some drug but there are no significant drug interactions. In the end, Anastrozole is a very safe steroid which, if you use it properly without abusing, you most likely won’t get side effects.

Where to Buy Arimidex? | Where to Buy Anastrozole 1 mg?

In the end, if you’re a person who is using anabolic steroids and you’re using wet compounds (mostly, those are steroids used during bulking cycles), it is imperative for you to use an Aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex – Anastrozole. This product is one of the very best favorite Aromatase Inhibitors out of them all (including anti estrogens) because it is very effective in dealing with estrogenic control, is very helpful when used for PCT and plus to that, is very easy to use it and is having very low side effects profile.

You can purchase it directly from this page at as we guarantee you get the lowest possible price for Anastrozole product. Arimidex made by Dragon Pharma is the highest quality product for a very low price. Get it for a discounted price and you won’t regret with your choice.

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    Adex always works the best for me.

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    Grrreat product got it for my first test cycle, appears to be working, would recommend, decent price

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