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What is Anastrozole? | What is Anastro-lab – Arimidex?

Anastro-lab is the trade name of the active substance – Anastrozole. The product might be better known by its other more famous brand name – Arimidex. The only difference between Arimidex and Anastro-lab is the manufacturer and the price because they are both the exact same product. Anastro-lab being manufactured by 7Lab Pharma is offering this product for a much better price.

Anastrozole is a medication that is mainly used in the treatment of breast cancer, more specifically for hormone receptor positive breast cancer. It also can be used as a preventative drug in women with high risk of breast cancer. Nonetheless, the product got really popular in the world of bodybuilding too because of its anti estrogenic properties.

Anastrozole has appeared on the market many years ago and it is still approved nowadays for various reasons. Here you are going to find more information about Anastrozole dedicated for bodybuilding uses instead for breast cancer. Arimidex (Anastro-lab) containing Anastrozole is belonging to a category of drugs known as Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). Alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) they are both making an even boarder class of drugs – anti estrogens.

Anti Estrogens are known to deal with the estrogenic control but there are SERMs and AIs in different classes because of their different mechanism of action.

By purchasing Anastro-lab by 7Lab Pharma from our website you are going to receive a real and high quality Anastrozole product and you would get a pack containing 50 tablets with 1 mg of Anastrozole per tablet.

What is Anastrozole Used For? | What Does Anastrozole do to Your Body?

As it was earlier mentioned, the main purpose of Anastrozole use is the treatment and also prevention of breast cancer in women. There were studies done suggesting that Anastrozole is a very good medication for therapy for postmenopausal women with detected estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. This product also can be used in the treatment of peripheral precocious puberty – but that’s in rare cases.

For the bodybuilders, the product is very valuable because steroid users can control their estrogen levels with the help of Anastro-lab. Why would they need it? Well, when there’s a person using anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), there are some certain compounds that are going to aromatize into estrogen. The worst products that are going to do so are all forms of testosterones as well as Dianabol, Boldenone,Deca Durabolin and others.

Those products are going to aromatize into estrogen and therefore the user would end up having too much estrogen. If this happens – high estrogen related side effects would appear. Gynecomastia (man breasts or “bitch” tits), water retention (bloated, “full look”) and many others are all estrogenic side effects. When Anastrozole is taken, the aromatization process is inhibited (hence the name – Aromatase Inhibitors).

This stuff is working by reversibly binding to the aromatase enzyme, and through the competitive inhibition it is blocking the aromatization (conversion) of the androgens to the estrogens in the extragonodal tissues.

That’s different from SERM’s because those types of drugs are blocking the action of estrogen at the receptor sites.

Arimidex Dosage | Anastro-lab (Anastrozole) Administration

Generally, you shouldn’t over do on ArimidexAnastro-lab, otherwise you would inhibit too much estrogen and this would lead to other side effects which definitely doesn’t sound like a good idea as we’re talking about Arimidex for the purpose of avoiding side effects.

So, too much dose in inhibiting the estrogen would result in too low estrogen levels and this can lead to loss of energy, low libido, depression, erectile dysfunction (ED) and a number of other side effects. That’s why dosages should be kept moderate. Generally, they depend on what’s your dosage with the aromatizable compounds and personal tolerance, but usually, the sweet spot for most men is approximately 0.5 mg a day or 1 mg every other day.

The product can be used every other day with good results because the half life is 46 hours. Don’t forget that the dosage is very dependent on the steroid dose and on the steroid used. Some steroids are not aromatizable while others (like testosterone) are very aromatizable.

It would be recommended to start with Arimidex slowly and slowly increase the dosage until you find your sweet spot. Use it until the end of cycle.

Anastrozole Side Effects – Anastro-lab | How Soon Do Side Effects of Arimidex Start?

Side effects associated with ArimidexAnastro-lab (Anastrozole) are either very little or non existed in most patients. The product is very well tolerated in normal doses. It usually offers side effects to people who overdo it and take too much, inhibiting too much estrogen. As said, with too low estrogen levels you might get Erectile Dysfunction (ED), low libido, depression and others.

Other side effects include: hot flashes, vomiting and nausea, back pain, headaches, coughing and others. There are very rare but serious side effects like allergic reactions, skin reactions hepatitis and others.

It is believed that Anastrozole is associated with bone weakness and osteoporosis according to some studies done. Nonetheless, the studies were involving women who were using Arimidex for years on a daily basis. In case Anastrozole can be associated with bone pains, osteoporosis or other bone issues then it is a concern only for those who are using it for years.

Bodybuilders using it for only a few weeks, shouldn’t be worried about such side effects.

Where to Buy Anastro-lab? | Where to Buy Anastrozole (Arimidex)?

Anastro-lab can be purchased directly from this website, on this page. is official distributor of 7Lab Pharma products including Anastro-lab containing Anastrozole and this is why you can be sure that you would receive exclusively only very high quality products and genuine products. All of that for a very attractive price.

Remember that Anastrozole compounds should be always at hand just in case you start noticing estrogen related side effects. Testosterone is used by nearly any bodybuilder or competitive athletes and taking in consideration the high estrogen side effects risks – Anastrozole should be obtained and ready to use in case you start noticing the side effects are getting bad.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seems to be doing its job. Havent done mid cycle bloods yet to be sure, but dont have any sides from 600mg per week of Test E and 30mg of Dbol

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  2. Cole (verified owner)

    Cheap and nice! It’s real shit and comes in a really small packet. Convenient for putting in small places

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