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What is Accutane? | What is Isotretinoin?

Accutane which sold under the brand name Accutane as well as Roaccutane is a medication that is mainly used to treat severe acne, but in some situations is also used to prevent certain skin cancers too including other skin diseases. The product is a retinoid and this means that is being related to vitamin A that is being found in some small quantities that is naturally found in the body in some small quantities.

The product can be obtained in many countries as an Over the Counter drug (OTC) but in USA this product is only offered with a prescription. Nonetheless, the product is also very often being searched by bodybuilders, more specifically by those using AAS (anabolic and androgenic steroids).

Why would they need such a product? Because of the same reasons – to deal with skin issues. The product is used for fighting off with the negative effects of the steroids on the skin and especially with the side effects of oily skin and acne.

This product got patented many years ago in 1969 and it got approved for medical use only in 1982. This happened after scientists discovered that Vitamin A can inhibit the serum production at toxic doses.

Accutane is produced by Dragon Pharma – a pharmaceutical company that is offering products for steroid users (including steroids) and many sorts of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Accutane is just one brand name of the main ingredient found in this product which is Isotretinoin. Another famous brand name is Roaccutane and there are others too.

How Does Accutane Work? | How Does Isotretinoin Work? | What Does Accutane Do?

Before explaining what Accutane does and how it works, it is important to understand what is acne and what causes it. Acne is a chronic skin condition that is usually manifesting in black/ white heads, pimples as well as greasy (oily) skin. Most often we can notice that teenagers are getting acne and having such issues (which is reducing their self esteem and developing anxiety) is because the androgens and testosterone levels are increasing very high during this period.

In most cases, this is genetic, but lifestyle choices such as dieting etc. can affect this condition. Using steroids is increasing the levels of testosterone and exactly as in teenager’s situations – acne issues can appear due to increased levels of testosterone.

Therefore, Accutane is given to deal with these skin issues which are a result of elevated testosterone levels due to steroid use. Accutane is working as an isomer of Vitamin A that is reducing the amount of the oil release of the oil glands in the skin. By working this way, it is quite difficult for acne to form and it is getting reduced.

Low doses would result in lower side effects, but they might not get helped plus they risk the recurrence of acne in case you do get helped with low doses.

It is quite obvious that bodybuilders are using steroids for increasing muscle mass and generally to look good. Bodybuilders who compete in shows and photo shoots require to look amazing and is quite obvious that with acne (out of using steroids) they do not get the title needed. When natural remedies do not work, they start using Accutane products.

It is not very known what is the mechanism of action of Isotretinoin, however there are studies proving that Isotretinoin is inducing Apoptosis (programmatic cell death) in different cells in the body.

Accutane Administration | Isotretinoin Dosage

Accutane can be used either by mouth or topical. It has been proven that oral Isotretinoin is getting best absorbed when taken with a meal very high in fat and that’s because is having a very high level of lipophilicity.

In this situation, Accutane is a product that comes in oral form and that’s why is very important to use it with very high fat meals because the efficiency of this product doubles up. When using it in topical form, use it as needed but in most cases, Accutane is taken in oral form (exactly as this product is).

If you’re getting prescribed Accutane then you should use this product exactly as recommended by your doctor – do not use more or less than what was recommended for whatever your health condition is.

However, doses among bodybuilders is usually much lower, in fact, they should be pretty conservative. Most people reports suggest that once a day dosage of 10 to 20 mg a day is going to be work very good if you would use this product for 6-8 weeks.

That’s because you only need to fight off and prevent acne during steroid use, but when it comes to fight off with acne, most people are using anywhere between 50 mg to 150 mg a day as a prescription by their physician.

Generally, doses of Accutane depends on the doses of steroids and genetics (how much acne do you get). There may be chances that you would need multiple courses.

Accutane Side Effects | Isotretinoin Side Effects

Side effects of Accutane are generally dose dependent. Most people tolerate it very well when used in normal doses but side effects are still possible. In addition to that, side effects are less likely to occur for a bodybuilder using steroids as a preventative for skin issues because generally steroid users take much less.

High doses of Accutane is resulting in vitamin A toxicity and this is going to result in either permanent or temporary side effects.

Some of them include: there are studies confirming that giving this product to teenagers still growing they might stop from growing because Isotretinoin might stop bone growth.

Eye issues, other skin related issues. Birth defects in women who are pregnant, psychological effects – mainly depression as well as inflammatory bowel disease. There are also sexual side effects.

But as mentioned, generally, side effects are very rarely noticed for bodybuilders because they use Accutane in low doses and because they use it for a short period of time.

Where to Buy Accutane? | Where to Buy Isotretinoin For Acne?

You can purchase Accutane for a very affordable price directly from directly from this page. This product is manufactured by Dragon Pharma – a pharmaceutical company manufacturing only high quality products under GMP Standards. Since we are their official distributors – we guarantee both the quality and the low price.

Accutane is an amazing product when it comes to skin issues. Since steroid use is very often associated with skin issues, bodybuilders often resort to Accutane and they get amazing help in preventing acne, skin issues, oily skin and whatever other skin related issues.


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