Gen-Shi Laboratories

Gen Shi Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company that is developing and manufacturing different medical products. Gen Shi Laboratories is have a huge experience in developing and manufacturing lots of different medications because they have been established 16 years ago in 2003 and nowadays they are having 2 different facilities – one in Japan and the other one in Greece. The manufacturer had huge demands in their products and this is the reason why they have also added another laboratory located in Scandinavia and they have changed the name to Gen Shi Innovations since then. But people might better know them as Gen Shi Laboratories as this is already a popular pharmaceutical company with our website – being the company’s official supplier and distributor.

Below you can find all the products from Gen Shi Labs and some more information.

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People interested in much more information about Gen Shi Laboratories can visit their official website and read lots of information or even contact the pharmaceutical company themselves if they wish to. But in this article we are going to share some valuable information about this company as a summary. You can visit Gen Shi Laboratories official website at for those who are interested.

Gen Shi Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company that is working under GMP standards and that’s why we accepted to be the pharmacy’s official distributor. does not work with pharmaceutical companies that do not have the GMP standards.

About Gen Shi Laboratoties

The pharmaceutical company is currently going through some changes – they are going to come with some new and fresh design, and also with some new products as well. As said, they used to have 2 facilities one in Japan (main) and one in Greece, but as of late they have added a new one located in Scandinavia and thanks to all of this they changed the name to Gen Shi Innovations. This pharmaceutical company is very famous, especially among the steroid users because this Gen Shi is known to offer high quality steroids. You can find oral steroids on our website from Gen Shi Laboratories that are of a very high quality and can greatly help.

This company was established in 2003 and with time, they started to improve their products thanks to their customers feedback which ultimately they changed but not limited to, raw materials, painless formula and many others.

This company is claiming that currently they are on the list of one of the 10 best UG Labs in the world and it is obvious they are following cGMP standards. Those are the standards, which make sure that the customers receive the best products.

Advantages of Gen Shi Laboratories

Gen Shi Laboratories which was founded 16 years ago in Japan is nowadays considered one of the best pharma companies in the world of steroids. This company is focused in selling many different anabolic/ androgenic steroids and weight loss products and generally many other types of products focused to help those who need PEDs (Performance Enhancement Drugs).

You can find a good variety of oral steroids and muscle enhancing drugs on our website and best is that you can find some of the most famous products such as: winstrol, oxymetholone, dianabol, anavar and others.

Except for having high quality products, they are offering very low prices for their products. This is one of the main reasons why this pharmaceutical company got so popular. Gen Shi Laboratories are known to offer high quality items for low prices and that’s a huge advantage.

Gen Shi Laboratories also prove to care about their customers by allowing them to go on their official website and giving them the ability to check the authenticity of each product they got and also to check the suppliers where you can confirm that is official supplier. With this being said, all customers can easily find out where they can safely buy Gen Shi Laboratories’ products and then they can check for their authenticity.

Also is very important to mention that Gen Shi Laboratories is working exclusively under GMP standards. That’s a system, which controls every drug and the entire manufacturing process. The company is using Millipore and Sartorius filtering system, raw material suppliers were picked using Merck Chemicals and Sasol Chemicals from Germany. All in all – the company offers only high quality products that are safe and effective.

Gen Shi Laboratories Reviews

You can find a lot of customer reviews about Gen Shi Laboratories and their products online on a lot of different sources. That’s no wonder taking in consideration Gen Shi Laboratories is on the market for so many years and they are one of the most famous steroids manufacturing companies out there.

While you may find a few negative reviews, you need to think that there are a lot of counterfeits and fake products using Gen Shi Laboratories’ name. The company tries to deal with those underground labs by offering the authenticity and supplier check methods.

If you are going to pay attention to the vast majority of customer reviews – they are all positive which means those are people who purchased genuine products from Gen Shi Laboratories and they got high quality products. They got steroids that are very effective which proves that Gen Shi Laboratories is a trustworthy pharmaceutical company. That’s no wonder taking in consideration they are having the GMP standards.

There are customer reviews indicating that they have heard good things about this company and there are customer reviews indicating they have got some steroids which were working very good with good results so they really like their products.

Where to Buy Gen Shi Laboratories’ Products?

We recommend you to buy any kind of products from any pharmaceutical company exclusively only from official suppliers and distributors. That’s because this way you are going to exclude the risk of getting fake/ counterfeited products.

Since our website is the official supplier of Gen Shi Laboratories’ products – you can choose whatever products you want from this company directly from our website and buy it for a discounted price. You can be sure you would get high quality product and you can be sure that you are going to get the lowest possible price for these drugs as we do not work with intermediaries and we have big discounts and huge offers for our customers!