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Sis Labs is a pharmaceutical company that is mainly focused in science in sport – manufacturing and developing different forms of Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs) including steroids and others. According to the information on the website, the founders of Sis Labs are old school bodybuilders veterans who have been in the business for decades. That’s really good because this way the customers of this pharma company can be sure they are working with professionals. Sis Labs is a pharmaceutical company under GMP standards are that’s very important when it comes to manufacturing pharmacological products because this way you can be sure that the pharma company is actually offering high quality and safe drugs to use. is the official distributor of Sis Labs products so you can buy products safely from our website.

Below you are going to find all the products on our website from Sis Labs. You can also find much more valuable info about Sis Labs.

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Sis Labs does seem to care about their customers since they are offering high quality GMP standards products and there are also anti counterfeiting measuring offered to people who want to purchase from their website and want to be sure that the products they get are genuine. You can go on their official website: and verify your product even including those from to reassure you’ve got authentic/ genuine item.

You can go on their official website and find a lot much more information about this pharmaceutical company if you’re interested to. You can also check for the authorized distributors of Sis Labs and you’re going to confirm that is the official supplier and distributor of this pharmaceutical company’s products. You can read news, check the anti counterfeiting measures or contact the pharmacy yourself.

About Sis Labs

Sis Labs is a pharmaceutical company that has been in the business for many years and therefore they have got quite a big and good popularity online. The pharmacy got so popular because they are known to offer high quality products that are safe to use and effective – working the way they should. They claim be a pharmacy produced by athletes for athletes so this company is mainly focused in selling products designed to help athletes (and bodybuilders) with their needs.

Those athletes running this company claimed to be sick and tired of counterfeits so they started their own AAS business to make sure that they are keeping high quality standards of the products and they have even licensed GMP certified production facility in eastern Europe.

This company is focused in quality standards and in low prices making sure that their products are affordable to all athletes and that they are only going to get high quality products.

SIS Labs API manufacturers only provide them the raw materials with a quality tests that is above 98.5%! They claim that to make sure this is true, they are using a very well known independent laboratory located in Switzerland which is carrying their tests on their purchased raw materials and also their finished product.

Sis Labs claims that their finished injectable products are produced only using pharmaceutical grade excipients and they are undergoing a very advanced method of depryogenation and this is what makes sure that in the end the product is going to be as sterile as possible.

Advantages of Sis Labs

There are several advantages of Sis Labs pharma company to our opinion and some of the biggest include:

Sis Labs is always oriented in the quality of products. This means that they are always trying to improve, always trying to make the purest and highest quality products and they are licensed by GMP standards. All of this indicates that Sis Labs is indeed offering only highest quality, in fact, does not work with pharmaceutical companies that are not GMP approved which means that all the products you can find on our website passed GMP tests.

Another advantage is – Sis Labs is focused in selling PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) and they are run by bodybuilders. This means that the company is fully focused and oriented in making their steroids and other enhancing products as best as possible for the athletic needs. They always improve the quality, modernize the products and develop new items helpful for athletic needs.

What can be considered as an advantage is the fact that you can go on their official website and check for the official authorized distributors which means that you are going to be safe when purchasing from them and you can also check the anti counterfeiting measures. This proves that the company is actually caring about their customers and their health.

Other thing to mention here is: the prices. You are going to pay a lot much less for Sis Labs products than you would compared to other bigger and more famous pharmaceutical companies for the same products that are no better in quality.

Sis Labs Reviews

Sis Labs is a pharmaceutical company that is fairly famous but it doesn’t have too many customer reviews online. Luckily, there are laboratory tests for their products which prove that Sis Labs is offering high quality drugs. For example, the lab tested for Turinabol which claimed to have 10 mg per tablet 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone while the actual content was of 11.2 mg per tablet of 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

It might not have a lot of customer reviews on different sources online, but there are at least some of them which prove that this pharmacy is actually offering good quality drugs. In addition to that, we received some feedback from our customers who purchased from Sis Labs and they reported to have good results out of using it.

Where to Buy Sis Labs Products?

Anybody who is searching for any Sis Labs products can purchase them directly from our website. is the official / authorized distributor of Sis Labs products so you can be ensured that by purchasing from us you would receive only genuine products.

In addition to that, on our website you are going to find the lowest possible prices for drugs since we constantly offer big discounts and offers that can save you money. Our easy to use website would save you both time and money!