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People who want amazing physique and performance enhancement usually search for Oxandrolone as one of the most famous anabolic steroids in existence. You may better know it as Anavar – the most famous brand name for Oxandrolone, yet it may be found as other brand names too.

Anavar with active substance Oxandrolone was firstly made by Dr. Raphael Pappo when working for Sarle Laboratories and was firstly sold as Oxandrin. It was created back in 1964 and was made for helping patients suffering from multiple diseases such as muscle wasting and others.

  • Oxandrolone is still used nowadays in medical settings for treating various different health conditions but is one of the most famous steroids in bodybuilding world too. Back when it appeared in 1964, steroids were not so famous, hence Anavar is one of the first few oral steroids to be introduced in bodybuilding settings.

Then in 1980s the AIDS epidemic began and that’s the moment when Anavar – Oxandrolone and Anadrol – Oxymetholone started to become really famous as they were the first medicines to be prescribed when talking about muscle wasting diseases. That’s because the compound Oxandrolone is great at helping to gain lean muscles with no water retention and that’s in the time whilst increasing strength levels. Hence, it really helped people using Anavar for their muscle wasting issues.


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It was already used in bodybuilding world, but it got a huge popularity increase after a publication of Muscle Media 2000 – a national magazine that was openly talking about steroids which said that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is having the highest rating when talking about the benefit to risk ratio.

This magazine suggested that Oxandrolone is having amazing benefits for its very low toxicity and side effects risks.

Lots of bodybuilders, athletes and recreational steroid users started to use this compound for their physique and performance enhancement needs.

Oxandrolone Chemical Structure

The molecular structure of Oxandrolone is 5-alpha-androstan-2-oxa-17 alpha-methyl-17 beta-ol-3-one which was the formula developed by Dr. Raphael Pappo synthesizing the steroid deriving its molecular structure from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The main difference is that an oxygen atom has replaced the methylation and 2 carbon in the 17 position.

  • In short, Oxandrolone was made to be a softer version of Dianabol(Methandienone), is more anabolic and less androgenic without aromatization, therefore the compound is having much less of those harsh side effects. It was made by substituting oxygen for the other elements that were ordinarily present in DHT.


In the end, Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid with some of the lowest rates of androgenic activity when talking about synthetic steroids.

Oxandrolone Profile

Anavar with active substance Oxandrolone seems to be an amazing steroid on various different levels and that’s mainly because this compound is capable to help you receive clean gains and remain relatively safe.

According to studies done, Oxandrolone is much less likely to offer negative side effects and still remains highly effective.

Hence, the compound is not only amazing in bodybuilding world both for bulking and cutting cycles, but is also the top 1 steroid among women for fitness needs, is super popular both for beginners and professional male athletes and is a steroid with many different medical purposes.

Oxandrolone can help patients suffering from burns, malnutrition, anemia, can help regain weight lost after surgery, chronic infections or severe traumas. Users of Anavar were discovered to quickly heal, improve body composition, preserve muscle mass, reduce catabolism and required less time to stay in hospital. Obviously is famous in bodybuilding settings.


There are people saying that Anavar is not as good as Dianabol or Anadrol when talking about bulking cycles and that may be true, that’s because you are not going to blow up from water retention as you would with other steroids. Nonetheless, the gains with those steroids are made with water whilst from Oxandrolone the muscles are clean, lean and quality being long lasting. Plus to that, there are amazing fat burning benefits.

Almost any steroid is going to help you to gain muscles and burn body fat, but with Anavar, the muscle gains are lean and they are amazing, without water retention whilst the fat loss process is enhanced and it can help to significant remove visceral fat too around the stomach area.

Anavar-50Is important to remember that using any anabolic steroid including Oxandrolone for physique and performance enhancement purposes is extremely important to have your train and diet at check. Is worthless to use Anavar without working out or dieting as any other steroids.

In order to receive best effects from Oxandrolone, make sure to learn as much as possible about it. Anavar Dosage, Uses and Applications; Anavar Side Effects; Anavar cycles are only a few to name.

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